Lady Layla Vambrace

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Layla Vambrace
(NPC (Tim))
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Alias(es): N/A
Race: Vampire
Class: Vampire
Status: Undead
Cause of Death:
Affiliations: Vambrace Family
Appearances: First Episode: Norhall 7
Last Episode: N/A
MISC Info:

Lady Layla Vambrace was a vampire from the Norhall Proper region. It was said that she was the head of the rich "Vambrace Family", who meddled in dark arts and were thus cursed. They were shunned from society, and soon, tales spread of Lady Layla's death.

She later turned up as an antagonist again Norhall Academy, and The Daring Dragoons by extension. They fought off Vambrace's forces against Horsk, eventually learning that she was using many different means to cause havoc for them.


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