New Newfoundland Land

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New Newfoundland Land is a settlement created by the deranged, but well meaning, followers of Bahamut. What they lack in intelligence they make up for in hospitality. The settlement was led by their mayor, the hearty and welcoming Ballard. The settlers had feud with the local wood elves (including Luccan), but the issue was resolved by our heroes. When the party initially left it, New Newfoundland Land was made up of many tents and a half-built temple to Bahamut. If all of the villagers were to pool their funds, the total amount of money would be 8 silver pieces.

Junpei Iori was temporarily petrified while visiting New Newfoundland Land. He got better.

Demon Apocalypse

During the Demon Apocalypse, New Newfoundland Land was occupied by the Army of Bahamut. The citizens were enslaved and made to work in the mines for their leader, Gruemar the Silver. The party discovered these atrocities after being sent there to fight the Army of Bahamut by Adira Harper. Ballard was still there, and still mayor, but the title was ceremonial, as he was also a slave. You can take his silver and enslave his people, but you can't take his mayoral position.