Nook Nimmlock

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Nook Nimmlock
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Alias(es): N/A
Race: Satyr
Class: unknown
Status: Deceased
Cause of Death:
Dragged into the water by a terrifying tentacled lake titan
Affiliations: Melora
Appearances: First Episode: Episode 260 - A Rotten Crew of Beautiful Misfits Part 1
Last Episode: Episode 269 - The Writhing Mass Under the Lake
MISC Info: As a Satyr, he was extremely horny all the time3

He also loved fine silks, he would fold and sort them for the Spring Court3

Nook Nimmlock was a satyr who was a member of the Spring Court of Lady Arnaesis, the new lover of the Queen of Spring, Melora. He was arrested for petty gambling charges after stealing the Jade Pyramid for his Lady, where he met the Feywild Four1. With the help of the Four, he brought the Pyramid to his boss, who revealed herself to be Lady Adira Harper, and then used the Pyramid to trap Melora, while also bringing Lolth through a portal to the Castle of the Spring Court2. He later showed up to help The Tower of Grey get to the Castle during their search for Prince Thom Harper. He was killed outside the Castle when a writhing mass of tentacles attacked the crew and dragged him under the water. No one did anything to save him.