Older Man Weck

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Older Man Weck
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Alias(es): Old Man Weck, Weck, Kummelweck
Race: Human
Class: Old Man Weck
Status: Alive
Cause of Death:
Affiliations: House Wyrmsbane
Appearances: First Episode: Episode 81 - The Live Show
Last Episode: Episode 349 - How to Kill a Dragon
MISC Info: **Had Old Man Weck voice

He had diabetes, as revealed in Episode 202 - The City in the Sky. This may or may not have manifested in him having hooves instead of hands, a la Princess Ivy Bluemoon

His first name may or may not have been "Old". As was the case with everything about Old Man Weck, this was shrouded in mystery

He may or may not have had a tattoo of the name "Bradli" on his lower back (the dot on the "i" was a mole). That episode was the second one of the night, and it is colloquially known as "The Drunkest they Ever Got It", and so it is difficult to determine just what the fuck was even going on

Was married to a man. Presumably Bradli

Older Man Weck (formerly Old Man Weck) is and always has been.

Full name Kummelweck, Old Man Weck lived in Pelor's Hope and hung out at O'Flaherty's. He was a sort of information broker, and introduced the then un-named Ätlän-tã Fælcons to Jaela, after they were brought back to life by Erathis. He would occasionally Gene Parmesan his way into situations, often inexplicably, to ask questions and reveal information to the party. It is unclear if these appearances are canonical, if they are just jokes for the audience, or if perhaps all of the player characters are the exact same type of insane.

As of Episode 331 - Welcome to Sigil, OMW was serving as a vizier to Jaela and her wife Queen Aludra Wyrmsbane, in their kingdom home of Wyrmsbane Keep. He has since changed his name to "Older Man Weck".


Is he not in every episode, really? Damn