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Random Encounters is a podcast on the Geekly Inc podcasting network. It serves as a companion show to Greetings Adventurers, often incorporating characters, locations, or events from the "main feed". It began in August 2013 as a part of the gang's Kickstarter campaign, where they promised, as a part of the campaigns stretch goals, to do a series of short adventures in various systems, should they reach specific goals. These were met and exceeded, and so their fate was sealed. The list of games/systems/episodes can be found below.

Warning: Some of these episodes are listed out of order. This is because some of the episodes of certain shows were put out before the ending of other shows. For example, the first two games in the Fiasco! set were released, and then the two Monster One-Shots were released, and then the final Fiasco! game was released. For simplicity and readability, the list below is sorted by each game/system, and whichever show's first episode was released. It should all make some kind of sense. For a full list of episodes, in the order in which they take place, see this page.


Encounters So Far

Drinking Quest

Gamma World

Kickstarter Promise


Game 1 - Main Street

Game 2 - Leviathan

Game 3 - Back to the Old House

Monster One Shot

Released before Fiasco! Game 3


Book Club

This is the only Book Club the gang does, unfortunately


Kickstarter Promise - Run by Tondi - This game runs in tandem with the Dice Heroes Podcast


Kickstarter Promise

Darkblade Academy

Takes place in the same universe as, and runs concurrently to, the Drunks and Dragons podcast

Moon Cops

Takes place in the same universe as the SAYER podcast

Tie-In with Sailor Moon


Run by Tim Lanning

Sailor Moon

Run by Steph

Tie-In with SAYER/Moon Cops

The Secrets of Cats

Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes

Takes place in the same universe as, but does not run concurrently to, the Drunks and Dragons podcast - Run by Tim Lanning


Adventures of Norhall: Curse of Strahd