Random Encounters: Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes - Episode 1

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"Welcome, newly accepted Adventurers and Heroes! It is my great honor as the dean of our fine and storied academy to formally welcome you to Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes! Please forgive the circumstances that this missive has found you; as you have well noticed, the whole of Drunkeros is under a certain amount of duress, but from this tragedy, a silver lining has formed. You have been selected for our advanced entrance program, due to the east's demon problem. It has always been the goal of Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes to create better adventurers who will make this world a better place. Who could, perhaps, even raise the caliber of the filth that raze the taverns across the land. Please understand how fortunate you are for being accepted quickly, as we have not instituted our Advanced Entrance Program in quite some time. I have dispatched one of our finest recruiters, Norn Goodshield, to Sando's Key, where he will escort you to our beautiful and demon-free premises, safe and sound. Pack lightly, as a true adventurer only needs to equip themselves with a quick mind, quicker sense of justice. Wait for him at the tavern (in the center of the city) called The Rebel Cod. Should you arrive early, you may stay at the Cod on Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes' tab. Just know we will be checking the receipts and that could have an impact on your future placement at Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes. I am certain that, within a short amount of time, bards across the land will be singing of your deeds, just like the Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes alum, Doug the Dark Elf. May the sun ever brighten your face, Lady Hileina Silver"

"Smash" ~ Matthew


Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes: Episode 1

Hello and welcome to Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes! As you have obviously heard, Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes is the finest place to learn how to be, well, an adventurer in the realm. Situated in the snowy mountains of Norhall, our Academy is ready to train you in the arts of combat, diplomacy, ancient magics, religion and many more! This year we are hosting five brave, young adventurers due to the horrible demon related events in the east. The mind reels at what these youths have seen, but Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes is ready to lead them to a new life of wonder and justice!

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Long Story

Drunkeros has found herself deep in the clutches of the Demon Apocalypse. Death and terror fill the land. Few places remain safe. Among those beacons of light in this dark, dark world, is Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes, a noble institution that aims to raise up the typical class of rogues and rebels that tend to take up arms when things grow rough. They recruit the adventurers and heroes by way of invitation. It is through these invitations that five unlikely allies find themselves arriving at a tavern in the village of The Rebel Cod. Valwin Galanodel is the first to arrive, and she reacts with disgust, wiping off a spot at a table to sit. She requests the "finest wine" they have. Smash Larson enters next, hitting his head on the doorframe. Next is Primius Nareech, or Prime to his friends. He sees five Dwarves sitting together at the bar, and he gets scared and leaves, bumping into Zin Siannodel as he leaves. Zin casts Mage Hand to flip his hair in annoyance, and enters the bar. He goes to the back of the bar, to be alone, as Bek enters. She is concealing herself under many cloaks and hoods, so as not to reveal her visage to the common-folk. She also seeks out a secluded dark corner, so she and Zin sit near each other, brooding.

Norn Goodshield, who is not a Dwarf, steps away from the bar, introduces himself to the party, and escorts them all upstairs. He offers them an assortment of wines and cheeses, and encourages the ragtag gang to get to know each other. Bek removes her hood to reveal that she is a Drow. Everyone is surprised by this. Norn tells them all that they are free to stay here in this room if they want, but that they should be divided by gender, so they shouldn't tell anyone. He tells them in the northwest region of Drunkeros, where Norhall Academy is, there is not so much of a demon problem, so people have been trying to get there. The ports are blocked off, but they can use their affiliation to get through places they wouldn't otherwise be able to. Everyone seems, in some way, down about the conditions here, except for Bek, which Norn takes note of. He leaves to go to his own room, and everyone sleeps for the night.

The next morning, they are woken by Norn just before dawn. He says that their boat has been noticed, and the crowd outside is getting razzled up. Bek and Smash bond over the fact that they are both good at tracking. They head out to the boat, accompanied by three Norhall guards, wearing grey-ass grey outfits, and a red sash bearing the sigil of Norhall: The statue of a man looking downwards. The citizens outside are visibly angry, with large raucus crowds gathering. Bek has her hand on her dagger, ready for anything. They come up on the docks, containing two medium-sized boats, that could contain about the number of people that there adventurers now of, being. What? 10-ish people, and that's how big the party is right now, basically. The city guards are pushing people away to make room for the adventurers, and Norn is getting nervous. As is Val, clutching her cloak to herself. Several crowd folk begin yelling that they should be allowed on the boats as well. Bek attempts to calm the crowd, but reveals that she is a Drow. One of the members of the crowd becomes enraged that they are letting Drow aboard, and not them, and he attacks.


Our stalwart heroes with an invitation meet at The Rebel Cod Tavern. A tall man meets them. Mr. Goodshield tells them that they are all new recruits for Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes. After a quick introduction of everyone in the party they go to their rooms in the tavern. The next day they collectively make their way to their boat that will take them to their Academy. Being that this during the Demon Apocalypse, boats are in short supply. Many of the townsfolk are not pleased by them using it. It was the last straw when they realized that Bek is a Drow, and a full brawl erupts.


  • Each character received their letter from Norhall Academy differently.
    • Bek woke up and had this note in her hands, and she decided to go check it out.
    • Primius "found himself in possession of one of these letters."
    • Zin found a letter in a book about Titania.
    • Valwin handed her letter from her tutor.
    • Smash woke up one day to find his father, Lars, pinned the letter to his chest, telling him to go in a direction.
  • Bek is only allowed to attend due to Doug the Dark Elf
  • Tim Lanning says this is his first time DMing since the Kickstarter Episode, but he has forgotten about the Timamat one two-off
  • Tim had to give each of the commoners an emergency 2hp

Quest Log Updates


  • They all roll Perception at the tavern
    • Smash - 16
    • Valwin - 11
    • Zin - 17
    • Bek - 15
      • Zin is the only one to notice Norn Goodshield

  • Bek rolls Performance to convince the crowd that another boat is coming - 6+2
    • They discover that Bek is a Drow

  • Smash makes a DEX saving throw to stop the attacker's sword - 17
    • Success - He grabs his arm mid-swing

Combat Begins vs 2 Thugs (one of whom is Derek), and 4 Scrawny Crowd Members

  • Initiative
    • Bek - 19+3
    • Scrawny Crowd Folk 1
    • Scrawny Crowd Folk 2
    • Scrawny Crowd Folk 3
    • Scrawny Crowd Folk 4
    • Smash - 12
    • Val - 11
    • Zin - 10
    • Prime - 10
    • Derek

Round One

  • Bek
    • Ranged attack (bow) vs Derek - Nat20
      • Hit - 14 damage

  • Scrawny Crowd Folk 1
    • Melee Attack vs Bek - 7
      • Miss

  • Scrawny Crowd Folk 2
    • Melee Attack vs Smash - Nat20
      • Hit - 7 damage

  • Scrawny Crowd Folk 3
    • Melee Attack vs Smash - Nat20
    • Hit -

  • Scrawny Crowd Folk 4
    • Ranged Attack (bottle) vs Val - 8
      • Miss

  • Val
    • Casts Tasha's Hideous Laughter on Scrawny Crowd Folk 4, requiring a DC 12 WIS saving throw - 18
      • Success - Nothing Happens

  • Zin
    • Casts Arms of Hadar on Scrawny Crowd Folks 1, 2, 3, and Derek, requiring a DC 12 STR saving throw - >12, >12, <12, Nat1
      • Success, Success, Fail, Fail - First two Scrawnies take 3 damage, Derek and last Scrawny take 6 damage

  • Prime
    • Taunts Thug 2, challenging him to hit him, if he does, he can take Prime's place on the boat. Also, takes the dodge action
      • Thug 2 Melee Attacks - 12
        • Miss
    • Does it again - 16
      • Hits, but Prime uses Ironhide feat, increasing AC so it misses

  • Derek
    • Melee Attack (Unarmored Strike) vs Smash (x2) - 11, 21
      • Miss, Hit - 5 blugeoning damage

  • Smash (skipped turn before)
    • Enters a Rage, Melee Attack (Maul) vs Scrawny Crowd Folk 1 (Reckless Attack) - Nat20
      • Hit - 22 damage - kills him

Round Two

  • Bek
  • Attampts to Persuade Scrawny Crowd Folk 1 (who I thought just died) into running away - 2
      • Fail

  • Scrawny Crowd Folk 1
    • Melee Attack (Club) vs Bek - 17
      • Hit - 2 damage

  • Scrawny Crowd Folk 3 (Because I'm gonna assume it was SCF 2 that Smash killed)
    • Runs away

  • Scrawny Crowd Folk 4
    • Runs away

  • Thug (Who knows who's who?)
    • Melee Attack vs Prime - 17
      • Miss

  • Smash
    • Melee Attack vs the one fighting Bek (Reckless Attack [Beckless Attack?]) - 14
      • Hit - 12 damage - kills him

Everyone Runs away, and one giant man walks out, stabbing the fleeing citizen. This makes things easier on ol' me.

Episode Ends