Random Encounters: Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes - Episode 10

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Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes: Episode 10

The Spooky Woods have really turned our heroes around! Hopefully they will focus on the bond they have already formed and fight back against their mysterious attackers. Remember, your adventuring group is only as strong as your weakest link so your friendship chain must be forged in the fires of trust. Or something. Help one another is what I am saying.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Long Story

The Daring Dragoons find themselves in the spooky woods outside of Horsk. They were on the hunt for the Vampire Army that was threatening to destroy Horsk, but then vanished. Suddenly, a mysterious fog falls over the grounds, and strange voices begin to emanate from the forest. Bek's horse panics and runs off from the rest of them. She is thrown from her horse, but lands adeptly, and sees commotion surrounding her. A giant man leaps out from behind the trees, and attacks her, yelling in Orcish. Meanwhile, Smash finds himself alone, isolated. He can hear some voices in the distance, and he goes to the closest of them, those of Sig and Jessga. This brings him to a grisly scene: Sig on the ground, wounded, and Jessga squaring off against a large mean looking dude. He turns his attention toward Smash and challenges him. Isaac, Val, and Xin witness Smash and Val veer off from the group. Isaac tries to tell Leon to go back to Horsk and warn everyone there that the Vampire Army seems to be waiting for dark to attack. He does not. He runs off toward Sig. Val decides to hang back, instead of joining the fray.

Everyone is having extremely negative hallucinations caused by these vampires, but are doing their best to ignore them. Isaac decides to gather the party and get back to town asap. Val plays a little tune to get everyone's minds off the horrors they face. There is a scrambled skirmish, everyone is basically separated, and fighting their own foes.

Smash defeats his foe, looks around for more enemies to dispatch, and sees a strange figure, whom he approaches. She is a lady, doing strange, water bend-y type dances. Smash smashes first, asking questions never. In turn, the woman does another weird dance, making the mists and fogs around them descend into a wall of defense around her. Meanwhile, Sig and Leon meet up with most of the party (minus Bek and Jessga, who are missing). They discuss their next move, and Val really wants to find Bek. Isaac tells Sig and Leon to head back toward town to warn the others of what's coming, which they this time do, while the party goes to find Bek (and maybe Jessga, if they can. She's a low priority. NPCs, you know?). Val is able to chill Smash down, so he's not raging anymore, and the four of them head out toward Bek's direction.

They are able to find her, she has killed her enemy and still has the blood-lust in her. When the terrifying orc-creature died, a fog emanated from him, and a shimmer was lifted from his body, revealing him to be just a normal dude, which is weird. Finally, the party is together again. As one, they make their way, horse-less this time, back toward Horsk. It is under attack, but it seems manageable. Instead of a massive army, maybe it's more like one raiding party that could be stopped. Also, Jessga is still missing. What can you do?


The Daring Dragoons get split up while venturing out into the scary forests. They each fight some horrific monsters that turn out to be less horrific regular people in disguise. Eventually, they all meet up and go back to Horsk, which is only slightly under attack.


  • Xin was hearing the voice of his parents
  • Horsk is less under attack than Tim had planned, it seems manageable, actually

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Matthew

  • Bek makes an Animal Handling to see if she can tame her horse - 7+6
    • It tries to push her off

  • Bek makes an Acrobatics check to not be thrown - 23
    • She is kicked off, but lands safely

What follows is a series of action vignettes that compromise a battle, but most of the characters are separate, and there are other things going on that aren't combat-y, so for my own sanity, I'm just formatting the below as a series of rolls, but a lot of them are attack rolls.

  • Bek makes an attack roll against the Orc-like creature - 8
    • He dodges it, makes an attack against her - 10
      • Miss

  • Smash attacks the giant creature - 14
    • Miss

  • The dude attacks smash - 9
    • Miss, prompting Smash to bonus action attack - <14
      • Miss, prompting an attack from the dude - 15
        • Hit - 7 damage

  • Isaac rolls Persuasion to convince Leon to return to town and warn them that the vampires are waiting for dark - 6

  • Val rolls Performance to keep her allies from focusing on the spooky bad shit (with advantage) - 8
    • Fail, but then Courtney sings a song for real, and it's a success

  • Bek makes an attack roll against the Orc-like creature (again) - 20
    • Hit - 10 damage

  • Bek makes an Athletics check during the fight -19
    • I'm not sure what the result of this was

  • Bek rolls Perception to see how she's doing in the fight - 20
    • She feels like she could be winning

  • Bek makes yet another Attack roll - 18
    • Hit - 8 damage

  • Smash attacks his foe - 25
    • Hit - 14 damage
  • And does it again - 17
    • Hit - 15 damage

  • Xin fires a Fire Bolt at his foe - 22
    • Hit - 5 damage

  • Isaac rolls Persuasion to get Smash to chill - ??
    • Fail

  • Val gives Smash Bardic Inspiration, then casts Vicious Mockery on Smash's foe, requiring a DC 12 WIS saving throw - <12
    • Fail - 3 psychic damage

  • Bek makes a final attack roll to coup de grâce the creature (with advantage) - 23 (auto-crit)
    • Hit - 11 damage

  • Smash does more attacks - Nat20
    • Hit - 23 damage - kills him

  • Smash makes a Perception check (with advantage) to see what other dangers lurk about - 12+4
    • There is a strange figure nearby that he approaches

  • Smash attacks the mysterious figure (using Bardic Inspiration) - 24
    • Hit - 14 damage

The weird combat thing ends, and the rest of the episode is normal roll stuff

  • Val makes a Persuasion check to get everyone to search for Bek - Nat20+8

  • Smash makes a Charisma saving throw to NOT go search for Bek (knowing that the only way he could succeed would be to roll a Nat 20) - 5

  • Val makes a Perception check to to look for tracks - 9
    • She doesn't see anything clearly, but there is a rough direction of where her horse went