Random Encounters: Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes - Episode 15

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"Cool archery, right? I love arrows, and I hate targets, so... ha ha..." ~ Big Humbert Honkus


Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes: Episode 15

Our heroes make their way back to Norhall, but soon find out that everything is a test! What were considered simple tasks are now moments of scrutiny and anxiety. What if they get a bad grade? What if someone is…disappointed? The horror! Luckily, the gang starts to make more friends around Norhall so they shouldn’t look like huge dorks for the Harvest Festival Dance. That is a good thing, at least.

Cast and Player Characters

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Long Story

The Daring Dragoons have just completed their mission at Horsk, and are led back to Norhall by Geindul, leader of The Greenbeards. A few days into their journey, Geindul sends them out into the woods to make dinner from scratch, without any magic. It takes a while, but it's eventually done.

Val is beginning to become frustrated with the fact that she feels she has nothing to offer the group, and voices these concerns to Bek. She and the others attempt to reassure her that she is, indeed, important. The next morning, the party finally makes it back to Norhall, not seen in the series since Norhall 7. Whispers around the school refer to the Dragoons as "The Heroes of Horsk". Seems the party is making quite the name for themselves. Norn Goodshield and Lady Silver congratulate them, as do The Society of Grave Arcane Secrets. Also there is Vance, being a creep. Vance is the leader of The Golden Griffons, the one with the abs who we met back in Norhall 3. He was the one eating an apple. I don't remember if he is named in this episode, or later, because I wrote all these episodes at once as first drafts, and now I'm going back to revise them. So, I haven't listened to this episode in a while. In any event, this dude's name is Vance. He's a douche.

At a private debriefing meeting, Lady Silver explains that she sent The Vorgias to Horsk in order to investigate The Gedgora, until someone she calls The Dark Lady began assembling forces of darkness and evil around the town. She promised the Gedgora their land back if they did what she asked of them: wreaking havoc. She also tells them of an assembly tomorrow and then everyone goes about their business: Isaac and Smash go to the gym. Zin hangs out with the SGAS. Val practices her music, and Bek, her archery. She's interrupted from this task by Big Humbert Honkus, a Goliath who's sweet on her. He tells her of an upcoming Harvest Festival that the school's putting on, and invites her to a meeting of other unusual creatures beforehand.


Essentially, the Daring Dragoons make it to Norhall and everyone congratulates them. Not a lot of plot happens, but we do get some fun character stuff, and, I believe, the first mentions of The Dark Lady.


  • Jennifer Cheek makes an appearance
  • Val gets motion sickness in the caravan
  • Isaac has been living at Norhall since the age of 11
  • Estilza is the PR Manager and Head of the Norhall Book Club. She handles things like designing costumes for adventurers and whatnot

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Courtney/everyone