Random Encounters: Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes - Episode 16

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"This has got 'Side-Quest' written all over it..." ~ Isaac Valcain/Josh Scalf


Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes: Episode 16

A lot of this episode revolves around the gang getting paranoid and fashion. So basically your perfect tabletop role-playing experience. Simply put, our heroes are now in a new league within Norhall. Folks finally know their names and have heard of their deeds. But, this level of exposure brings a certain amount of tension when the normally pristine halls are mired by rumors.

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Long Story

The day of the big assembly. Everyone is there, waiting with baited breath. Or, probably not. Most people are probably just... there. It's mandatory, you know. Anyway, standing up at the dais is Lady Hileina Silver, and her right hand man, Norn Goodshield. Our heroes, the Daring Dragoons, are asked by some random dude named Joseth Bingman (will he ever turn up again? {rolls 8-ball} It seems unlikely.) what's going on. No one seems to know. Fortunately, Lady Silver begins speaking.

She addresses the rumors that have been circulating around the school, confirming that there is some dark force that they must be on the lookout for. She says that the students are going to be sent out on more missions, and helping more people in the weeks to come. Vance raises his hand, and asks if it's true that the school has been getting more money. It is true! The Town of Norhall has been calling on them for help more and more, which results in a bigger profit for the school. Seems like Norhall is getting something out of this "encroaching darkness". The assembly ends with Lady Silver warning them to avoid the fog/mist, as it's a symbol of evil.

After this, Vance approaches the Dragoons, and asks to meet up with them in private. They agree, and meet up in an abandoned orchard. The other members of The Golden Griffons are also there: Nesma, Wraf, and Yvonne. Vance wants to make amends, and tells them he is suspicious of Lady Silver's motivations. Pretty convenient that the school is making a profit off of all this darkness going on, huh? Vance posits that someone, or something, shady is working behind the scenes at Norhall. Bek begins to agree, thinking that all of the powerful adventurers are sent into dangerous situations, perhaps trying to get rid of them? And does this have anything to do with the Demon Apocalypse? The two groups agree to put their differences aside, and work together. They disband.

Life at Norhall goes on. Classes are tough. Campaigns begin for student council, which Val is running for, specifically, the position of Harvest Queen. The Dragoons are approached by Estilza, the PR manager, and costume designer for the school, and there is a dressing montage. The end result is a black uniform with some purple lining. There are only two weeks until the Harvest Festival. Smash begins doing something in secret that only Tim and Matthew Morris know. Big Humbert Honkus approaches Bek, and introduces her to his friend. With him is another Dark Elf, named Wayt Vo'har-Sareen. BHH thinks that they would get along, since they're both Dark Elves, but Wayt is a dick and gets in her face about who is going to be the next Doug the Dark Elf. The two have a tough-off before Wayt slinks away. BHH apologizes, then kind of asks her out, then leaves. Also, Zin hangs out with The Society of Grave Arcane Secrets.

One day, there is a knock on the door of the Daring Dragoons living hall. At the other side of the door is Bishop Taylor, the school's priest. He tells them that he has some information on Father Breio, and (later in his office), tells them that Breio has died. He had told Taylor that he was made to do the horrors in Horsk by Layla Vambrace. Then, he bit off his tongue and bled to death. Taylor allows them to examine the body, and they find new bruises, and his ring has been torn off his finger. It's now missing. There are also burn marks inside his pocket...


Lady Silver has an assembly, telling them that there is an encroaching darkness that is settling in. Vance, leader of the Golden Griffons, makes amends with the Daring Dragoons, and wants to work together. He's suspicious of Lady Silver's motivations, and doesn't trust her or the school. Days pass at Norhall. Bek meets Wayt Vo'har-Sareen, a mean dark elf. Finally, Bishop Taylor tells them that Father Breio has died after revealing that he was working for Layla Vambrace. The group investigates, finding that his ring is missing from his finger. Weird.


  • Bishop Taylor follows Pelor, and trained Isaac
    • His first name is Gavin?
  • Wayt escaped from his sisters trying to feed him to five demons
  • Smash doesn't attend chapel
  • Val is prone to waking up early
  • Isaac is prone to sleeping in

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Courtney - 11
    • Matthew - 13
    • Josh - 3
    • Matt - 4
    • Nika - 12