Random Encounters: Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes - Episode 18

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Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes: Episode 18

Our young heroes are in a somewhat awkward situation since they need to make sure they don’t look like nerds during the Harvest Festival. They need all of their fashion and maybe dates or maybe not, we are not here to judge a person for their solitary choices. But, regardless of the dates and the fashions that our adventurers may or may not have the Harvest Festival has become a test in its own right for our little group. Can they survive the next few days of hormonal awkwardness or will their shame lead them to a life of exile?

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This episode is largely in preparation for the upcoming Harvest Festival. Smash is in Punch Club, arm wrestling many people, such as Theodric, and Frank. Ultimately, Smash, Vance, and Wraf (the PC President) are the three winners, and the losers have to buy their beer. Later, the Daring Dragoons lament over the fact that they don't have dates. Val and Isaac clearly have something going on, and Bek knows this, so she tells Isaac that he should ask her to go with him. This embarrasses Isaac, and also makes Bek realize that Big Humbert Honkus wants to go with her own self. Zin also wants to go with her, and Isaac, turning the tables, notices this. He tries to go and tie up BHH to keep him out of Bek and Zin's way.

Two days before the dance, the drama club meets up to set up, where it's announced that everyone is in the running for Harvest King/Queen. Isaac practices his warhammer, and comes across Val also practicing, but for her, it's a song she's going to sing. He approaches her and confronts her about her feelings for him. She owns up to it, which causes Isaac to run off. The secret that Smash had is now revealed: He's been out hunting, and has killed a black bear and some foxes. He's also been stitching their pelts together as a kind of outfit. It's got large, furry black pants, a bear head, a red vest made of the fox pelts, two fox heads hanging from his shoulders, a belt of fox tails, and a bolo tie made from snakes. Truly, a terror to behold, and yet, the others approve it. Val is going to wear a long, plum dress with green forest accents, a corseted top, high slit, and Cersei Lannister-esque sleeves. Bek doesn't have a dress to wear. And tomorrow is the dance...


  • Wraf of the Golden Griffons is the president of the Punch Club
  • This is the 15th annual pow-wow
  • Zin knows Frank
  • It's been about a week since the Valoshay fight
  • Val is 90 years old
  • Norhall has indoor plumbing
    • Also communal showers
  • There's definitely some weird syncing issues going on, making it hard to hear what people are saying sometimes

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Tim rolls - Josh