Random Encounters: Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes - Episode 2

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"One of us probably has dysentery." ~ Nika Howard


Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes: Episode 2

Your young adventurers meet a strong foe who will not take no for an answer. Will they fall before his might? Or will they survive and reach Norhall? What if this is all a test? They have already killed people so I hope it is not a test. But it is good to ask. Maybe they will not die but also not succeed? This is a world of many possibilities!

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Long Story

Having just disbanded a rebellious crowd, the would be Norhallians now face one giant beef boy. He gets in a few good shots while our would-be heroes miss repeatedly, but are eventually able to wear him down. Zin Siannodel Eldritch Blasts him, a couple of times, eventually knocking him into a stack of supplies, which fall and crush him. Norn Goodshield congratulates them on their victory, and they can see that he has been taking notes, regarding this as their first real test. The party is able to successfully make it onto the boat, getting no more grief from the commoners around them.

Primius Nareech kneels before a woman who was killed in the crossfire of their battle, and says a prayer. Norn takes note of this, then they all get in the small boat that brings them to the big boat. They disembark toward Goatsburg, a two-day ride from here. Smash Larson is tired, so he lays down on the deck of the ship. Valwin Galanodel is horrifies to learn that the only bedding options for them are hammocks, prompting Norn to ask the captain to allow a bed. Bek asks Val where she comes from, remarking on her great beauty, by Val remains secretive, offering that, if they become better friends, she would be willing to diverge her personal details. Bek braids Val's hair.

Two days pass. Bek attempts to make conversation with the magic users of the group, Zin and Val. Eventually, they make it to Goatsburg, which they don't spend a lot of time in. A wagon from Norhall is in town, which the party boards as it heads north, to Norhall. Seven days pass. Along the way, they see broken down wagons and shit. For two-and-a-half days, it mists, not rains. Val entertains the group with music. Finally, they see Norhall Academy.

It is the first nice day they've experienced, and they can see clearly that Norhall Academy is built atop a large mountain. At the foot is a small village, and a kind of base to enter the mountain, which they do. Norn says that they are to meet with Lady Hileina Silver. They all climb the winding staircase inside, and see a crowd of young adventurers and heroes who have been waiting. There's a group of beautiful blonde haired people staring at them, who Norn tells them are The Golden Griffons. They include a hot dude sitting on the edge of a bench, holding a strange oval shaped egg thing (it's a football) with rippling abs. There's a group of Half-Elves, Dwarves, and two twin gnomes (Lilly and Billy) all hooded and emo-ish, The Society of the Grave Arcane Secrets. There's also a group of older people (a dwarf, a human, a dragonborn) all hanging out together, The Greybeards (or, the Grandfathers). Norn explains that the Greybeards took advantage of a loophole to gain free tuition for life, which is why they are sometimes called the Grandfathers, because they were grandfathered in. Norn also points out The Vorgias, composed of a small group wearing black, but not goth black. There's Leo, a blonde haired boy wearing a tiara crown, Camilla, a girl with light purple hair, Xander, another blonde haired crown-wearing boy, and Gurgleslap, a tiny goblin.

After Norn points out all of these various cliques and groups, Bek asks what group they themselves are in, to which Norn responds that they are their own group, and that they will haven to earn their name. He takes them upstairs and leads them into the chambers of Lady Hileina Silver, who greets them.


After vanquishing the rebellious crowd, the up and coming adventurers set out to the town of Goatsburg, and then from there, to Norhall Academy. They meet some of their soon-to-be classmates. They are then taken up to meet the dean of Norhall, Lady Hileina Silver.


  • There is a dingo demon, that will eat their baby
  • Norhall scouts, the Red Sashes, have heard rumors of a kraken and a boatful of Acolytes of Tiamat in the waters between Mastwick and Caer
  • The cast once again falls into a Google hole of looking at illicit images while recording
  • Bek is a Rachel Berry
  • Four episode from now, the party is going to try to bake a cake, and they're gonna fuck it up, due to the altitude
  • Nika Howard hates little people, let it be known. Actually, she just hates playing small races in RPGs
  • Jennifer Cheek named the Vorgias

Quest Log Updates

  • [Complete] - Make it to Norhall Academy
  • [New][Active] - Earn a name for the group


  • Recap
    • Matthew

Combat Continues

  • Initiative (same as last time)
    • Bek - 22
    • Smash - 12
    • Val - 11
    • Zin - 10
    • Prime - 10
    • Beef Boy

Round Two (cont'd)

  • Val
    • Ranged Attack (Longbow) - 10
      • Miss
    • Grants Bardic Inspiration to Zin

  • Prime
    • Casts a spell requiring an DC 13 INT saving throw - 20
      • Success

  • Beef Boy
    • Melee Attack (Giant Sword) vs Prime - 15
      • Miss
    • Ranged Attack (Dagger) vs Val - 17
      • Hit - 4 piercing damage
    • Ranged Attack (Dagger) vs Smash - 10
      • Miss, but hits an old lady

Round Three

  • Bek
    • Ranged Attack (Bow) - 8
      • Miss

  • Smash
    • Ranged (Reckless) attack (x2) - 11, 22
      • Miss, Hit - 6 damage
    • Also, makes an Athletics check - 9
      • Falls over, drops an axe, is knocked prone

  • Zin
    • Casts Eldritch Blast - 20
      • Hit - 3 damage, pushed back 10 ft.

  • Prime
    • Attempts to grapple him
      • Prime - 17
      • Beef Boy - 18
        • Victory Beef Boy, not grappled

  • Beef Boy
    • Melee Attack vs Smash (x2) - 13, Nat1
      • Hit, Miss - 6 damage

Round Four

  • Bek
    • Ranged Attack - 18
      • Hit - 9 damage

  • Smash
    • Stands up
    • Melee (Reckless) Attack (javelin+handaxe) (x2) - 16, Nat20
      • Miss (Parry), Hit - 12 damage

  • Val
    • Ranged Attack (Longbow) - Nat1
      • Miss, but hits that same old lady, who wasn't yet dead

  • Zin
    • Casts Eldritch Blast - 19
      • Hit - 3 damage, knocked back 10 ft.

  • Prime
    • Casts a spell, requiring a DC 13 INT saving throw - 7
      • Fail - 1 psychic damage

  • Beef Boy
    • Melee Attack vs Zin - 19
      • Hit - 10 damage
    • Ranged Attack (Dagger) vs Bek - 8
      • Miss

Round Five

  • Bek
    • Range Attack - 18+5
      • Hit - 13 damage

  • Smash
    • Melee (Reckless) Attack (javelin+handaxe) (x2) - 10, 21
      • Miss, Hit - 7 damage
    • Attempts to Intimidate - 12
      • Fail

  • Val
    • Casts Tasha's Hideous Laughter, requiring a DC 12 WIS saving throw - 10
      • Fail - he is laughing, and can't stand up for 1 minute

  • Zin
    • Once more casts Eldtritch Blast - 15
      • Hit - kills him

Combat Ends

  • They all roll Athletics to climb a stair puzzle
    • Prime - 21
    • Smash - 19
    • Bek - 8
    • Val - 8
    • Zin - 0
      • They all succeed! Except Zin, who face plants at the top of the stairs in front of all the popular people