Random Encounters: Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes - Episode 22

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Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes: Episode 22

Dance time, baby! While the general mood of the group is not great we can all agree that a school dance is just the place to get that frown doing flips. Unless of course Zin and his band of goons ruins a perfectly nice night with some high jinks. Who knows!?!! Also, who is that in the foreground there? Yes the one that is shadowed…hmm probably nothing.

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The Harvest Festival is introduced by Lady Hileina Silver, and a Halfling named Yonbroos of the local merchants guild announces that they are sponsoring a punch bowl, encouraging them all to drink. Vance apologizes to the group for being a right little shit, while Bek and Big Humbert Honkus dance together. Also in attendance is Brunhilda and Amber Reeve, as well as Grant, a Elvish boy with big ears, and his sister Sinyde, a Merfolk with spiky ears, and dark, purple hair. Isaac brags to them about his many adventures. Zin has a drink, his first ever, and at some point, Smash breaks the arm of Teddy Yudain. Finally, Yonbroos announces that the Harvest King/Queen ceremony has begun, and Vance wins Harvest King, for the third year in a row. The Harvest Queen is down to Val and Yvonne, but ultimately, Val wins! Lilly and Billy, of The Society of Grave Arcane Secrets begin their plan of foiling this festival by throwing magic apples at Val, but Zin, who was supposed to join them, instead has second thoughts. He teleports to the stage next to her and summons a Cloud of Daggers in front of her to keep her safe. The rest of the Daring Dragoons join in, shielding Val from the apple assault, and are successful in their attempt. Lady Silver bans the SGAS from attending the Festival next year, and congratulates Zin for standing up to his "friends", for his friends.

Despite this, Val is still upset, and runs off toward town. She's followed by Isaac, who catches up with her, apologizes, and gives her the bangle that he got at the fair. The two hug.

There happiness is short lived, however, as at that exact moment, everything falls to shit.

There is a loud explosion from inside the school, and the sound of howling. Townspeople run, panicking, in every direction. Inside the castle, some of the party-goers turn into cultists, and werewolves begin clawing their way up the walls. Magical explosion rain down on everyone, and in the chaos, we can see that Teddy Yudain has been killed! Also, Arthur Trunchhound, the "Yes! You Can Eat That!" professor, as well as May Hackerling, the Mayor of The Town of Norhall, whom we've never met. Meera Hearthglenn and Norn Goodshield are injured, and there's a woman in dark armor, and a long, flowing dress who seems to be in charge of these attackers. She commands them to kill everyone before leaving.


  • Yonbroos's great grandfather was in charge of the Hue's Brewing Company
  • The Merchant's Guild drink is called Horskian Rememberance Brew, made of elderberry based liquor, with juniper berries, some cherries, and a dash of hagraven tears, aged aboard a ship crewed by slavers
  • Big Humbert Honkus is bald and clean-shaven
  • In this episode, Tim says that the Mayor of Norhall is killed. In the next, he clarifies that that is the Elven woman Norn was with, and her name was May Hackerling

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