Random Encounters: Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes - Episode 23

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"Nice. That's a good, average roll. Something to be very proud of. Thank you." ~ Tim Lanning, after a bunch of high rolls, and then a 13


Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes: Episode 23

Battle time, baby! The gang is in a bit of a pickle. Not even a tasty pickle treat but a full on assault from the forces of the Dark Lady. I hope they survive or else all of this dance food will go to waste.

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The Harvest Festival has descended into chaos. Werewolves and magical cultists attack the Norhallers, who are fighting back in turn. Among the combatants are Lady Hileina Silver, Amber Reeve, Bjorn von Isbach, and Big Humbert Honkus. Outside, Isaac and Val run into Vance and Nesma, who claim that they suspected something like this might happen. Together, they run in and join the frey.

A new group of Norhallers also enter, led by Valoshay, the Master at Arms. A cultists casts Phantom Steed to attack Zin, but he's able to turn this around and Charm the beast, resulting in him begin able to mount it. He names it Piggles, and turns it on his attacker. Another explosion tears a hole in the wall, which some of the cultists run through, including "a lady you might recognize". Wayt Vo'har-Sareen and Norn Goodshield are also present and fighting. The latter accidentally attacks Val, and knocks her out, before coming to his senses and restoring her, with an apology. Smash Larson runs through the hole in the wall, chasing after the bad guys. He can overhear them talking about the Stone Warden.

In the dance hall, the last of the cultists are cleared out, and Lady Silver prompts the Daring Dragoons to join Smash in his pursuit. Meanwhile, she takes herself, Amber Reeve, Big Humbert Honkus, Nesma, Jesse of Carlstown, and Valoshay down the mountain to The Town of Norhall, to help people down there. Surely, this assault is not limited to just this school.


  • Tim tells us that the recently deceased Mayor of Norhall was named May Hackerling

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    • Tim Rols - Matthew