Random Encounters: Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes - Episode 3

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"I want to play the rest of the episode as us figuring out which rooms we want." ~ Nika Howard


Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes: Episode 3

Having just arrived at Norhall, our adventurers must meet with Lady Silver to learn more about this strange situation. Luckily there will most likely be more chocuterie boards to sate everyone’s appetite. Also, gifts!

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Long Story

The newest member of Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes, Bek, Primius Nareech, Smash Larson, Valwin Galanodel, and Zin Siannodel, accompanied by Norn Goodshield, enter the chambers of Lady Hileina Silver. Lady Silver Welcomes them in, and apologizes for their hard journey. She apologizes to Val specifically, knowing how she detests the lower class lifestyle. She explains that that they haven't had anyone go through the advanced entrance program, like they are, for a while, but that it is necessary now. Her great-great-great grandfather founded Norhall after he defeated a great evil in that location. She announces that she has gifts for them. Norn leaves and returns with 5 backpacks of holding, one red, one green, one one yellow, one pink, and one black. Smash takes the black one, Val takes pink, Bek takes green, Zin takes red, and Prime takes the yellow. Prime then asks if he can smoke, and pulls out some Silverweed Oil, and lights it up. Lady Silver stops him, then gives all more gifts, five rings, each of a the same color. These rings can communicate with each other, but can only send a single word at a time. She ALSO gives them cloaks of Norhall, that each have the sigil of Norhall on them, the stone man of Norhall.

Lady Silver tells them to reach inside the backpacks, which they do. They each find their own gifts. Val finds a small object wrapped up in paper. Inside is a Fey Kazoo of Bolstering. Once per day, it can be blown to add +2 to her inspiration die. Smash in his bag finds a Weapon Chain, that can be attached to a weapon, and then it can be thrown and it will return to Smash's hands, on a successful DC 9 DEX saving throw (range 30 ft.) Smash immediately tries this on Prime. He throws the gnome out the door, but then fails to pull him back. Prime smashes into the wall. Bek searches and discovers a small jewelry box, a ring inside, with a sun pattern inscription. Lady Silver clarifies that it is a Ring of Enchanted Light, which allows her arrows to glow and illuminate dark areas. She only needs to think about it. Prime also searches, pulling out a box tied in ribbons. Inside is a black belt, studded in metal. "The Belt of Hot Topics", Silver explains. "Within it, you're allowed to store and know two extra cantrips that don't count against your 'Cantrips Known' spell." It was found in a crypt many years ago. Finally, Prime sticks his whole body in and pulls out a little wrapped picture of the ocean. Silver tells him that it is a painting of the ocean that allows him to "quiet a troubled mind." He can look at it when things don't make sense to acquire a small bit of tranquility. Prime stares into it.

Lady Silver tells them that the other adventurers outside all have their own backstories, and some have already proven themselves as adventurers in their own right (although some of them just have rich parents). Smash asks how she was able to find them, and Silver responds vaguely. She says that she felt they were the ones to be saved when the Demon Apocalypse started. She apologizes for their experiences at Sando's Key, remarking that things were meant to go differently. Once Smash returns from the restroom, Silver reveals that she has already decided what their first quest will be. The Quest of the Escaped Goat. Gustoff, of The Town of Norhall has lost his goat, and has paid Norhall Academy to retrieve it (this is not the first time this has happened). Their task is to go to the Town of Norhall and meet up with Gustoff, at either The Deviant Kraken or The Roiling Rat, two of the taverns in town. He will provide them with how next to proceed. Norn will lead them there, but will leave them on their own to solve the mystery. She promises that they will be paid for their tasks, which sounds like the type of college I would love to go to. Norn leads them out.

Norn escorts them to their dorms in Dragoon Hall, where they can drop off their stuff. Val takes the only room that would be suitable for only one person to sleep in, and the other rooms are a bit smaller. Prime follows her in, and tells her that he finds it strange that Lady Silver would send them on a mission so soon, without any proper training. She agrees, but doesn't super care. After they all put their stuff down, Norn tells them it's time to go. As they walk, Bek asks him about Guastave. This whole goat disappearing thing is a recurring occurrence, and that this mission is one that many adventurers have gone on before. This is further proven by the pretty boy of The Golden Griffons, evilly eating an apple. He laughs at them for going on the mission. Bek tries to shoot the apple out of his hand, but accidentally shoots at his face instead. There is a brief kerfuffle trying to catch it, until the boy grabs it midair and throws it down, revealing himself to be a monk. He and his crew leave.

Norn takes them to the stables, and there, they decide to go to the Deviant Kraken. Val sits at the cleanest table, and even still wipes it down. She is visited by one of the serving swain (the male form of a wench, apparently), who asks for her order. She requests a cup of tea. Smash asks for goat's milk, and Bek orders some Fireball shots. When he returns, they ask him where they might find Gustoff. The bar swain says that he comes in every now and then, and that he is, in fact BEHIND YOU RIGHT NOW! No, just kidding, but he is at the bar.

Gustoff comes over, and the Norhall crew question him on the circumstances surrounding his ruminant caper. He seems to feel that Barv Thistlebrand, was jealous of his goat, and perhaps he stole him. The cage he was kept in (the goat, not Barv) was broken and destroyed. The goat's name is Scrapple, by the way. Barv Thistlebrand lives on Oak Street, a few streets over from here. They finish their drinks and go to Barv's place, Barv's Finest Goat Products. Val tells him that Gustoff thinks that he stole his goat, which causes Barv to punch the wall. He points at Val and growls, "What did you say to me?"


The would-be-Norhallers enter Lady Hileina Silver's quarters, where she gives them all several gifts and their first mission, to find the missing goat of Gustoff. Norn takes them to their rooms, and there is almost a fight with the Golden Griffons. The crew makes its way down to the town of Norhall and meet with Gustoff, who thinks his goat was stolen by a man named Brav Thistlebrand. They go to speak with Thistlebrand, who becomes angry when accused of the theft.


  • Mike was one of the greatest dragon slayers of all time. He was a former attendee of Norhall Academy
  • Tim forgot to make up the magical properties of the cloaks, and will do so later
  • The other Golden Griffons are named Yvonne, Wraf, and Nesma
  • What are the Stone Wardens?
  • We all learn that the male form of a serving wench is a swain
  • Scrapple the goat is male, but produces milk because he has been enchanted and cursed
  • Tim is 5'8" and Jennifer Cheek is 5'2"

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Nika

  • Smash rolls Investigation to find his Kazoo - 10
    • He finds a Weapon Chain

  • Smash rolls to throw Prime out the door - Nat20
    • He goes screaming through the door
  • He then rolls a DEX saving throw to pull him back with his Weapon Chain - 8
    • Prime continues flying, slams againsr the wall (5 damage)

  • Bek rolls to shoot the apple - Nat1+1+5
    • The arrow goes straight for his face
      • Smash tries to catch it with a DEX saving throw - 13
        • He just barely misses it, but he slows it down
      • Prime uses Arcana to send his Mage Hand to stop it - 18
        • He slows it down, and the guy snatches it out of the air