Random Encounters: Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes - Episode 30

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Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes: Episode 30

Your heroes make some new allies and try to nail down the next phase of their quest. They overcome their first wave of freedom based stumbling blocks and taste victory as only a group of heroes can as they strike out on their own. Hopefully the shadow of doubt keeps it horrid visage away for our good and strong team of adventurers are pursuing a swift end to the horrid things happening in Norhall.

Cast and Player Characters

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The Daring Dragoons have finally made it out of Norhall, and they have plans to meet back up with Vance and Gurd in the "Band-stand" where they slept last night. However, the place is empty. Isaac casts Message to Gurd, learning that he returned to his wolf pack. Isaac then Messages Vance, who says that he went to go collect some people.

He soon returns, along with Lilly and Yvonne. Lilly explains that Billy got caught in that time bubble thing, which caused part of him to age differently than the the rest of him. He's now in the infirmary, along with Prime. There' a long conversation about who is alive and who is dead, because they didn't have this Wiki to help them back then.

Vance begins talking. He tells them that he comes from a powerful family, the Hollyoaks, and that his family used to be a part of the Council of Five Thanes, in the city of Skaldvar. However, the Hollyoaks were kicked off, and he wants their help in restoring his family's power. If they are successful, Vance will be able to help them fight off this great evil, since Skaldvar has the largest, strongest army. But how to get this power back? Vance turns right to the camera and asks, "How would you like to rob a bank?"


  • The party got some mushroom power bars from Horsk, which are probably rotten by now
  • Everyone levels up by 2 levels! They are now level 6
    • Bek is fighter 4, ranger 2. she is an Eldritch Knight!
  • Vance's last name is Hollyoak
  • Skaldvar sits on a river called the Skaldvar River (sometimes called "The Great River", as it's the biggest in all of Norhall), and the whole thing is ruled by a god, also called Skaldvar
  • Horsk is far to the North in Norhall Proper, The Town of Norhall is to the east, closest to the "Demon Lands", and Skaldvar is in the middle-ish
  • Tim clarifies in the next episode that he meant "Lady Silver" when he said "The Dark Lady" at the end there, but gives us a spoiler that they are not the same person

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • No one rolls - everyone does it