Random Encounters: Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes - Episode 31

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"Vance wants to coop. He wants to coop!" ~ Matt Spurlin


Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes: Episode 31

After hearing Vance’s new and exciting plan to get the folks of Skaldvar to help them defend against the “Dark Pact” forces the gang now has to decide if this is the life they would like to live.

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The Daring Dragoons are still in a dark cave, having a discussion with Vance about the bank that he wants their help in robbing. The bank is owned by the Haverpenny family, who, Vance claims, are bad dudes. They've paid to have rumors spread about the Hollyoak family. He also claims that Lady Silver wants the conflict to continue to make money, which, it's rumored, is being held in the Haverpenny Bank. The party is suspicious of Vance, but decide not to accepts or deny his plan without first speaking with Gurd. Isaac tries to kick Vance out of the cave, claiming it belongs to them now. Lilly suggests using Dimension Door to get into the Bank Vault, which is deep underground.

That night, Vance and his friends sleep in one tiny hut, while the Daring Dragoons sleep in their own. Vance wakes them later to inform them that Gurd has arrived. Gurd suggests to them that they attempt to get the rest of the werewolves to rebel against The Dark Lady. There is a pack of "Good Werewolves" being led by someone named Arlin Cord, who owns property in Skaldvar. Still unsure of if they should trust Vance or not, the gang decides to follow them to Skaldvar and make their decisions then.


  • Tim clarifies that in the last episode, he accidentally referred to the Dark Lady and Lady Silver interchangeably, and tells us that they are not the same person. This was my theory, so I'm glad it's cleared up
  • It's cannon that the Drunkeros version of Stokholm Syndrome is Shadowspar Syndrome
  • Vance has a sister that he wants to impress
  • Lilly and Smash were in Adventuring 101 with Billy Swigwater
  • Isaac is from Pelor's Hope, Val is from Galanthus, Smash is from Arkansaw, Zin is from Wood Elf City
  • There's an adventuring group that keeps Skaldvar safe, called The Eyes in the Sky, and seems to be run by someone named Zephry Rawdendle
  • They don't know if Billy Swigwater is alive or dead. I don't think he's dead

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