Random Encounters: Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes - Episode 32

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"Ah, shit, Vance is... He's putting the moves on her. I can't match that sick spoon game! " ~ Isaac


Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes: Episode 32

Time for river hi-jinks. Nothing will go wrong and friends will be made.

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Vance Hollyoak tells them of a nearby fishing village called Crisper's Pine, where they can rent a boat to take them downstream. The werewolves decide to follow along with the rest of the party. It takes three days to reach Crisper's Pine. Along the way, Bek tries to console Val, who's feeling down about not being a valuable member of the group. Val also voices her frustrations with Isaac, which leads to Bek, despite being told not to, telling Isaac how Val feels.

The party finally arrives at Crisper's Pine, where they are met by a farmer named Whipper. He takes hay to Norhall on his ferry. This ferry is exactly what the Dragoons are looking for, and they bribe him with 50 gp to use it. He agrees and sends them off with his son, Jesber, and the ferry soon departs. The werewolves have hung back, and are thus not on the boat. There's a discussion of how to get them there, without alerting Jesber. Ultimately, it comes down to Lilly Flying over to the wolves on shore, and using Dimension Door to send them all to the lower decks of the boat. Tim allows this, despite Dimension Door only being allowed to be used on one creature, so Lilly couldn't bring anyone with her. It's a one time thing, though.

Zin and Lilly bond over the move, which makes Bek jealous.


  • Gurd explains that the Dark Lady promised the shorelines to the merfolk, while promising the north to the Gedgora
  • He and the rest of the White Pelt Hunters were formerly part of the Dark Lady's pack of evil beings known as "The Dark Pact"
  • Skaldvar River is to the far west
  • One of the werewolves is named Karl, and respects Smash
  • Smash's father almost froze to death once in the mountains, and was saved by the Larson family
  • There's another werewolf named Furnia
  • Val plays a lute
  • Werewolf named Jag
  • Gurd's group of the White Pelt Hunters is 13 strong. They are the noblest group

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