Random Encounters: Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes - Episode 34

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"I think the boy that has all the Speedos is quite fetch!" ~ Trey


Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes: Episode 34

We meet some new friends and have a great time.

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The Daring Dragoons, aboard the boat of Jesber, pull up onto the docks of Miller's Hollow. It's a huge village, with large wooden structures. Wooden walls are covered in vines. The whole place has a pretty ancient vibe, with runes and carvings everywhere. They're greeted by a big burly dude named Hank, who has an owl named Perkins on his shoulder. Hank pays Jesber, who leaves. He also knows about the werewolves, so they are let out. Hank knew they were coming, and tells them that they are free to come and go as they please. However, if the Dragoons want their help, they will have to compete in tomorrow's Annual Beach Games. Tonight, however, they party!

The vibes are like everyone trying to have a good time because things aren't going very well right now, and the future is looking uncertain. This place seems pretty great, actually, so the party wonders why they can't just stay here, and ignore all the troubles of Norhall. Hank is quick to dissuade them, though. Zin is met by a fellow Wood Elf named Soma, while Vance hits on Val! Isaac tells Val he loves her, but he does it in a friendly way. Finally, Zin gives Bek the necklace...


  • Tim's birthday is June 10
  • Matt Spurlin's birthday is April 24
  • Matthew Morris's birthday is May 8

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