Random Encounters: Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes - Episode 35

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Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes: Episode 35

The Games Continue!

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Zin gives Bek the necklace, called "The Gnarly Bushel". This is the charm he bought for her. The moment is awkward, causing Zin to run away. Bek heads to the beach, collects some driftwood and spends some time fashioning it into a gift for tomorrow. Smash and Vance have actually become good friends (maybe a little TOO good, since they may be smoochin' right now). Finally, their drunken night of partying comes to an end, and everyone goes to sleep. The next morning, Hank greets them, and announces that the challenges are starting. There's a surf contest, where they will have to go up against Hank himself (which Isaac volunteers to do). A tiefling named Trey will host a Beauty-Off (which Val will do, obviously). Soma will challenge them to a Cook-Off (Zin recommends Smash do this, but Bek agrees to do it, instead, with Zin's help). And finally, there will be a volleyball game against Miller's Hollow' top team, the Ravens (everyone will compete in this, including Vance).

Val confronts Isaac on his drunken confession, which he's too hungover to really get into right now. Smash also confronts Vance, who's mad that Smash and co. are reluctant to help Vance in his bank robbing mission, despite his and Smash's budding romance. Bek and Zin are sent off with a Half-Elf named Nishi to gather some ingredients, which gives them a chance to bond. Bek is able to find and kill a bunny (he's an asshole, though, so it's fine), while Zin gathers some good berries from nearby bushes. She gives him the gift she's been working on: an arrow made from some driftwood and obsidian.


  • Isaac doesn't remember the night before, including saying "I love you" to Val
  • Isaac can walk on water
  • Hank is also called "Hang Ten Hank"
  • Vance is afraid of surfing ever since he killed a seal in a freak surfing accident
  • Nishi has spiked black hair with some blonde mixed in. He's a short Half-Elf
  • In the main feed, they reference something happening in Norhall, so now Tim wants to ensure it happening. He wants them to vanquish the Great Evil

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • No Roll - Courtney does it