Random Encounters: Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes - Episode 5

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"Might we suggest they start their own community of these people with no chill?" ~ Zin

"No! We're not gonna kill your son!... unless you pay us a lot of money..." ~ Bek


Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes: Episode 5

What will happen this week when the students continue their fight against these bad wolf boys? Will everyone be happy and not scared of the horrible monsters? I know that the heroes are more than ready for whatever challenges coming their way.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Long Story

In the midst of the battle from last episode, Gurd the werewolf reverts back to his human form. The other two wolves attack Gurd, while many other wolves, two of them direwolves, appear surrounded by a silvery mist. They all seem to be aiming for Gurd, so the would-be-adventurers defend him, killing two of the wolves. Some of the silvery mist disappears, but they can hear the howl of more wolves in the distance. During the fight, one of the wolves, who has eighties metal hair, is killed, and once it gets down to one wolf left, they see this wolf is wearing a wedding ring, and the eighties metal hair wolf is also wearing a matching wedding ring! Prime covers an unconscious Gurd with the bodies of his former friends Jabber and his prized goat Scrapple, to protect him, then deals the fatal blow to the final wolf. The silvery mist fades away, but they can still hear the sound of wolves in the direction leading away from the city.

Searching the bodies, they find an ID that confirms the dead body is that of Jabber, and Bek takes the two wolves wedding rings. Smash skins the wolves and the sounds of the wolves get louder. Prime grabs the goat and Jabber and starts dragging them toward the city, then Smash picks up Gurd and they all head back. Eventually they get back to Gurd's farm house, where they see Gustoff on his porch, along with Meera Hearthglenn, Norn Goodshield, and a constable. Prime tells everyone that they found the goat, dead, and tells Meera he is sorry that Jabber is dead.

Val is able to convince the constable to let the party deliberate on their own for a minute, and they discuss if they should tell said constable about Gurd's affliction, afraid of what they will do to him if they find out. The idea of forming a werewolf city is brought up (which would be a fucking awesome idea). The constable returns and demands to know what happened, whereupon they explain the situation, but omit the part about Gurd. Smash reveals the wolf pelts as proof of their conquest. They tell him that there were more wolves, and the constable vows to assemble some men to hunt down the wolves. He exits. Smash tries to console Meera, but she slaps him. He then turns to Val, sad, who gives him a hug.

It's getting late, and Gustoff offers to let the party stay there for the night. They decide to tell Gustoff, Norn, and Meera about Gurd. Val is the one to tell them, as she is the most gentle about it. He still doesn't take it very well, and after deciding that there is nothing else to be done about it, he pulls out a knife and asks if one of them will kill Gurd. They refuse, so he asks Norn to take him to Norhall in the morning. Norn accepts, promising Bek that he will have a much better live under the watchful eye of Lady Hileina Silver than he would anywhere else. He asks if there is anything else he should know, and Bek tells him about the two married wolves, which is fucked up. Val tells him about the strange silvery mist, which knows little about, and he says that they could talk to those at Norhall who would know more.

Norn tells them that the local color doesn't care much for the Norhallers, as the up-and-coming adventurers can be pretty hot headed. Bek thinks, due to her guarded and (justifiably) paranoid mind, that there may come a time when the locals will grow too fearful of what Norhall could do, and may rise up against them. Norn is concerned, both with the idea of this, and that Bek's mind would go there. He congratulates them all on a job well done, and they all go off to bed.


The party continues the fight with all the wolves. Gurd turns back into a human, and the wolves turn on him, while more show up. Eventually, the party is able to defeat them all. They take back the bodies of Gurd (still alive, but unconscious), Jabber (dead), and Scrapple (goat, dead) to Gurd and Gustoff's farmhouse, where they meet Gustoff, Meera, and Norn. They tell everything that happened, and Norn agrees to take Gurd the werewolf back to Norhall with them in the morning, at Gustoff's request. They all sleep for the night in Gustoff's farmhouse.


  • Matthew makes a joke about "Who would ever murder a hobo in an adventuring party", in reference to Thom the Dragonborn doing just that way back when
  • Smash doesn't know what "copulating" is, so Prime promises to tell him later
    • He also doesn't know what "fucking" is
  • Norn says that Norhall has been around for "a couple thousand years"

Quest Log Updates

  • [Active] - Earn a name for the group
    • [Active] - The Quest of the Escaped Goat
      • [Complete] - Defeat Gurd and the wolves
      • [Complete] - Bring news of Scrapple's fate back to Gustoff
      • [NEW][Active] - Return to Norhall with the details of their mission
    • [NEW][Active] - Bring Gurd back to Norhall for studying


  • Recap
    • Courtney

Combat Continues vs some Giant Wolves, and a Gurd-Wolf

Round Two

  • Prime
    • Starts to drag Jabber and Scrapple out of the fight

  • Bek
    • Ranged Attack vs Wolf - 16
      • Hit - 7 damage

  • Val
    • Casts Heroism on herself, to gain temporary HP

  • Wolf 1
    • Runs at Gurd, provoking an attack of opportunity from Smash
      • But he dodges it with a 17
    • Bites Gurd
      • Hit - 7 damage

  • Wolf 2
    • Runs at Gurd, provoking an attack of opportunity from Zin
      • Casts Fairy Hand on the wolf, requiring a DC 12 DEX saving throw - 13
        • Success - not Fairy Handed
    • Moves to Gurd, not enough time left to attack

  • Wolf 3
    • Bites Gurd
      • Hit - some damage

  • Gurd
    • Tries to push the wolves away
      • Fails

  • Smash
    • Tries to rip open the mouth of one of the wolves, provoking a STR contest
      • Smash (advantage) - 22
      • Direwolf - <22
        • Smash wins, wounds the wolf - 12 damage

Round Three

  • Prime
    • Hits a wolf with the goat - 20
      • Hit - 5 damage

  • Bek
    • Ranged Attack vs Wolf - 18
      • Hit - 11 damage - kills it

  • Val
    • Ranged attack (longbow) - 20
      • Hit - 10 damage - kills it

  • Wolf
    • Bites Gurd
      • Gurd dodges it

Another Wolf comes from the forest

  • Wolf
    • Runs at Gurd, past Bek, provoking an attack of opportunity - 17
      • Hit - 4 damage
    • Reaches Gurd, but can't bite him

  • Gurd
    • Looks at his locket and passes out

  • Zin
    • Casts Eldritch Blast - 10
      • Miss

  • Smash
    • Reckless Attacks using the Weapon Chain as a garrote on a wolf - 24
      • Hit - 11 damage - Grapples it

Round Four

  • Prime
    • Covers Gurd with the bodies of Jabber and Scrapple to protect him
    • Intimidates the wolves into attacking him - 15
      • Not intimidated

  • Bek
    • Ranged Attack vs Wolf - 17
      • Hit - 8 damage - kills it

  • Val
    • Casts Tasha's Hideous Laughter on the last wolf, requiring a DC 12 WIS saving throw
      • Fails - The wolf begins laughing and falls prone for 1 minute

  • Zin
    • Casts Eldritch Blast (with advantage) - 23
      • Hit - 4 damage
        • Allows the wolf to try to stop laughing - Nat20
          • Success - stops laughing

  • Smash
    • Melee Attacks the wolf - 14
      • Hit - 12 damage

Round Five

  • Prime
    • Melee Attack (fists) (advantage) - 12, 14
      • Miss, Hit - 4 damage - kills it

Combat Ends

  • Smash rolls Survival to skin the wolves - 19
    • Success - he does a great job

  • Smash rolls Medicine to see if Gurd is still alive - 17
    • Success - he is still alive