Random Encounters: Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes - Episode 7

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"...Smash, I've heard a lot about you. I've heard you are as intelligent as you are handsome!" ~ Isaac Valcain

"I like to think that the light that surrounds all of us is the biggest beef boy of all." ~ Isaac


Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes: Episode 7

There is something strange, in the neighborhood of Horsk and your Norhall Heroes have been tasked with bustin it. Sure, folks that were supposedly stronger than them died, but I am sure the Dragoons will be fine. They are joined by another student that should help ease the pain of losing prime somewhat… hopefully.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Long Story

Several weeks have passed at Norhall Academy, since Primius Nareech lost his mind to the darkness... Life goes on at the Academy, with The Daring Dragoons attending classes, and getting to know the locals. They are all passing their classes. People are trying to get Val to join in on the school play, "Five Zany Bards". Others have asked Smash to join the Punch Club, which is like a Fight Club. The groundswarden, Big Humbert Honkus has developed a crush on Bek. Zin is being followed around by The Society of the Grave Arcane Secrets, who look up to him. One day, the gang recieves a note from Norn Goodshield, telling them to expect a new ally in their group, and that he has a new mission for them. They are to meet him in the solar. They go and meet their new friend, Isaac Valcain! Norn tells them that Isaac will be moving into Prime's old room. Isaac extends a hand to shake, and everyone introduces themselves. Smash and Isaac compliment each others' muscles, and Val seems to have a slight infatuation with the man.

After the introductions, Norn tells them that Norhall has another mission for them, from Lady Hileina Silver. The client, this time, is Norhall itself! They are to go to Horsk and investigate the strange goings on there. The Vorgias were supposed to investigate a haunted mill there, but were killed. Spooky. They don't have to go just yet, however; their mission is in a few days. So, the Daring Dragoons face their greatest challenge yet: School Classes. After a few days go by, and the party go to the Norhall Teleporting Circle. They are sent to Horsk, where they meet Teddy Yudain, a beautiful half-orc. He leads them outside toward the mill, which he refuses to get near. The people of Horsk are a suspicious folk. They are glaring at the Adventurers, and Bek has her hood up. Isaac asks Teddy what strange events are going on, and Teddy tells them that, about three weeks ago (the night that Prime went all braindead) is when it all started. There are giant bats flying out from the forest, dogs have been disappearing, livestock turning up dead, etc. They are given horses (Smash's is very tiny), and they go to the mill, alone.

38 minutes later, they come up on a large, plantation-style home. There's also a silo and a barn, which the mill is inside of. Isaac notices blood in front of the home, most likely that of the Vorgias. He tells the others that they should investigate their, so they go do that. Isaac casts Light as they approach (to Bek's annoyance), and the trees seem to react to it, pulling back from them. The door of the house is partially open, but Isaac knocks anyway. The door swings open creak-ily, and they enter, hearing the sounds of footsteps upstairs. It's a spooky old house inside as well. Val suggests going to investigate the sounds upstairs, which scares Smash. Zin makes Val invisible, since she can sneak well, and she heads upstairs. She sees nothing, and so calls down to the others that it is safe, but at that moment something crashes through a window, to the outside. Bek, Issac, and Smash draw their weapons and run outside, seeing a humanoid figure with glowing eyes run out toward the woods. They give chase!

Isaac casts Light on one of Bek's arrows, and she shoots it toward the figure, noticing how strange the vegetation is behaving. She misses, but she does get a view of the running figure. It's a female, with long, scraggly hair, with a dirty dress. She screams at the light, and recoils, slowing her down slightly. This allows Bek and Issac to catch her (Smash is far behind). Meanwhile, back in the mill house, Val asks Zin to make her un-invisible. He breaks concentration, re-visifying her. She then descends the stairs, assuming the only thing of note, the mysterious figure, has gone. The two then quickly catch up with the others. Isaac moves the source of his Light to his warhammer, while Bek shoots an arrow into the figure's knee, stopping her from running off. The creature jumps up and yells "The blood, it calls for me!" and attacks! During the fight, some other terrifying forest creatures appear, and wrap up Isaac in vines, and Smash in some hanging moss. The creature, revealed to be a vampire, takes a bite out of Bek, giving it more life and making it look even more alive than before!

Epsiode Ends.


The Daring Dragoons get a new party member, Issac Valcain. Norn tells them that they need to go investigate Horsk, where the Vorgias were sent and died. They teleport there and investigate the haunted mill that seems to be the source of all the weirdness. In the farmhouse, a strange creature is hiding, and tries to escape into the forest. The party catches up with it, and discover it is a vampire! They fight as some vine-y creatures show up and grapple Smash and Isaac!


  • The party is now level 3
  • Isaac follows Pelor
  • Some of Norhall's classes are:
    • Adventuring 101, taught by Billy Swigwater, a goliath. Three hours long and very boring
    • Fun with Potions, taught by Damontha For'eel, a tiefling
    • Yes! You Can Eat That!, taught by Arthur Trunchhound, which Bek excels at
  • Teddy Yudain was named after Teddy Yudain
  • Isaac can speak Orc
  • Zin can make someone invisible
  • In this world, and maybe in the real one, who knows, stepping on the sides of a stair is quieter than stepping in the middle
  • There is a reference to Nyx, Jennifer Cheek's newest character

Quest Log Updates

  • [Backburner] - Find out what's going on at Norhall
  • [Complete] - Investigate the haunted mill at Horsk
  • [NEW][Active] - Survive the Vampire attack/Question the Vampire


  • Recap
    • Courtney

  • Some make Insight checks to see if Val has a crush on Isaac
    • Isaac - 16
    • Bek - 17
  • Val does Performance to hide her true motives - 23
    • She wins, they don't know

  • They all roll a d12 in Adventuring 101 class
    • Smash - 10
    • Isaac - 12
    • Bek - 8
    • Val - 5
    • Zin - 9

  • Isaac rolls Insight to see why the Horsk folk distrust the Adventurers - 10
    • He's not super sure, but he knows, since he's been there a while, that Horskians don't like Norhallians, since Adventurers usually come down and look down on them

  • Smash makes a Strength check to pick up and carry a horse - 10+7
    • He does that

  • They all roll Animal Handling to see how well they ride their horses
    • Isaac - 17
    • Smash - 8
    • Val - 4
    • Zin - 10
    • Bek - 16

  • Bek rolls Perception to see if anything shady is lurking around the mill - 14
    • She sees nothing out of the ordinary

  • Isaac also rolls Perception to see if anything shady is lurking around the mill - Nat20+6
    • There is blood outside the home, scrapes on the ground,

  • They all roll Investigation to see what's going on at the mill
    • Isaac - Nat1-1
    • Zin - 3
    • Val - 3
    • Bek - 6
    • Smash - 9
      • They see nothing

  • Val rolls Stealth to sneak upstairs - 17
    • She does that

  • Val rolls Perception to see if anything feel suspicious or dangerous in the mill house - 11
    • She doesn't really sense anything

  • They all roll Athletics to chase the figure through the woods
    • Smash - 10
    • Isaac - 5
    • Bek - 7
      • They don't catch it

  • Bek makes an Attack Roll using her lit up arrow - 12
    • It misses the tree, and lands in the ground

  • They try to catch up again, with Athletics
    • Isaac - 17
    • Smash - 9
    • Bek - 21
      • Issac and Bek catch up

  • Bek makes another Attack Roll to shoot the person's knee, stopping her from running off - 16
    • She hits

Combat Begins vs Scary forest creature

  • Initiative
    • Bek - 16
    • Isaac - 15
    • Val - 13
    • Smash - 5
    • Zin - 4

Round One

  • Bek
    • Ranged Attack - 21
      • Hit - 6 damage (plus 3 from the attack pre-combat)

  • Isaac
    • Charges with Shield drawn (Improvised Weapon) - Nat1
      • What? Fail. - 4 damage to Isaac

  • Val
    • Casts Vicious Mockery on the creature, requiring a DC 12 Wisdom saving throw
      • She fails, is Viciously Mocked - 2 psychic damage, has disadvantage on her next attack roll

  • Bek, Isaac, Smash, and Val make Dexterity Saving Throws to avoid vines that try to grab them!
    • Isaac - Nat1+2
      • Grappled by the vines - 3 damage
    • Smash - 15
      • Not grappled
    • Val - 21
      • Not grappled
    • Bek - 8
      • Grappled by the vines - 3 damage

At least four plant-like creatures come out of the woods and enter the fight

  • Smash
    • Goes into a rage
    • Melee Attack vs Vines grappling Bek (x2) - 21, 13
      • Hit, Hit - she is freed

  • Zin
    • Casts Fire Bolt at the creature - 15
      • 3 damage

  • ''Creature
    • Heals self
    • Melee Attack (claws) vs Isaac (x2) - 11, 19
      • Miss, Hit - 8 damage, also Isaac makes another DEX saving throw - 17
        • Evades being grabbed by her

Round Two

  • Bek
    • Ranged Attack vs Creature - 7 9
      • Miss

  • Isaac
    • Transfers Light to his shield
    • Makes a DEX saving throw - 5
      • The vines tighten, dealing 3 points of damage
    • Casts Healing Word on himself, healing 5 hp

  • Val
    • Casts Heroism on Isaac, granting him 4 temporary hp
    • Gives Bardic Inspiration to Bek, giving her an extra d6

  • Vines
    • Grapples Bek - 7
      • Miss

  • Vines
    • Grapples Bek - 7
      • Miss

  • Shrubs
    • Melee Attack vs Zin - 20
      • Hit - 4 damage

  • Vines
    • Grapples Isaac - 6
      • Miss

  • Vines
    • Grapples Bek - 6?
      • Miss

  • Moss
    • Grapples Smash, requiring a DEX saving throw - 5
      • He is grappled by moss, takes 3 damage

  • Smash
    • Melee Attack vs Moss - 9
      • Miss, he takes 2 damage
    • Melee Attack vs Moss - 14
      • Hit - 13 damage - kills it

  • Zin

  • Vampire
    • Jumps onto Bek - 21
      • She grabs onto Bek
    • Also, Melee Attack (bite) vs Bek - 23
      • Hit - 13 damage (7 hp lost permanently)

Episode Ends Mid Combat