Random Encounters: Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes - Episode 8

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Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes: Episode 8

After doing some fighting with a spooky vampire the gang has to race against time to save Horsk. Sure, Horsk isn’t entirely defenseless but when you are a hero of Norhall Academy you must fight back against evil! But, will the denizens of Horsk trust them enough to accept their help??? Listen to learn the answers to all of these wonderful and spooky questions.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Long Story

During their fight with the Vampire, Bek decides not to kill her, and attempts to calm her, instead. The rest of The Daring Dragoons follow suit, and learn that she is from the Vambrace Family. She also tells them that they are surely going to die, but if they let her go, their deaths will be quick and painless. Isaac takes this as a threat, but the Vampire assures them that it won't be her that kills them. She also warns that "The Master will crack your bones." She says that the army will be here soon, which will be bad for Horsk, and that, in order to save the city, they would have to leave now. They decide they don't like the cut of this Vampire's jib, so they keep fighting. She tries to run away, muttering that she has to "warn the others", but the others pursue, eventually killing her. As they reach the body, they can see the Vampire Army she was talking about. Isaac yells for everyone to return to the farm house, before realizing that the army is headed straight for Horsk. They ride for the city at once!

Along the journey, Zin is knocked off his horse by more vines. Bek rides back to pick him up, bringing the horde closer to them. Eventually, they make it to town, estimating that they have maybe an hour before the army reaches the city. Val finds someone to talk to, using her Scroll of Pedigree, and gets to City Hall. They are closing up for the day, but the scroll and Isaac's charm convinces them to let the group talk to the mayor, Agnog Greenbar. Isaac mentions the name Vambrace, which causes a reaction in the Mayor. He says that the Vambrace family owned the mill. Lady Layla Vambrace died 89 years ago, starting the curse at the mill. They say that Lady Layla haunts the place to this very day. Smash shows him some of the Vampire's hair, which matches Lady Layla's hair. This convinces him that the Vampire threat is real, and he asks them to get a message to Norhall Academy for Adventurers and Heroes, asking for help. They ring out the bells again, like we did when spring began, waking the citizens, but the Mayor doesn't have a way to teleport them back to Norhall. They also don't have a sufficient militia to fend off the forces. Bek wants to see if they can light a giant fire to scare them off, but Val tells her that they are only scared of radiant light, and they don't have enough clerics for that.


The Daring Dragoons are attempting to stop the Vampire from getting away. They try to reason with her, and befriend her, but she keeps going on about an "Army" that will destroy Horsk, and her Master that will kill the Dragoons unless they let her go. They do not, and kill her. At that point, the promised army arrives, heading toward the city. The Dragoons get there first, and attempt to warn the town's mayor about the impending threat. Eventually, he believes them, and sounds the alarm. He asks that they get help from Norhall, but it is too far away for them to get to in time.


  • Horsk has, and this is being generous, about 100 people that could defend the city if need be.

Quest Log Updates

  • [Backburner] - Find out what's going on at Norhall
  • [Complete] - Survive the Vampire attack/Question the Vampire
  • [NEW][Active] - Stop the Vampire Army from destroying Horsk!
    • [NEW][Active] - Find a way to get a message to Norhall


  • Recap
    • Matthew

Combat Continues vs Vampire

  • Initiative
    • Bek - 16
    • Isaac - 15
    • Val - 13
    • Smash - 5
    • Zin - 4
    • Vampire

  • Vampire (cont'd)
    • Pushes Bek to the ground, requiring a DEX saving throw - 7
      • She is pushed down
    • Tries to run

Round Three

  • Bek
    • Ranged Attack vs Vampire - 2 - Bardic Inspiration - 7+4
      • Miss
    • Stands up

  • Isaac
    • Makes a STR saving throw to escape the vines - 20
      • He breaks free
    • Runs up to the Vampire
    • Casts Spiritual Weapon, has it attack the Vamp - Nat1
      • Fail

  • Plants
    • Attacks Val - 16
      • Hit - 4 damage

  • Plants
    • Attacks Zin - 16
      • Hit - 4 damage

  • Plants
    • Attacks Smash twice - 5, 5
      • Miss, Miss

  • Plants
    • Attacks Bek - 7
      • Miss

  • Smash
    • Already in a Rage, goes into a Frenzy
    • Melee Attack (Smash) vs Vampire (Savage Attack) x2 - 15, 11
      • Hit, Miss - 18 damage

  • Zin
    • Casts Arms of Hadar, requiring 3 Plants to make DC 12 STR saving throw
      • Plant Attacking Zin
        • Hit - 8 damage - Kills it
      • Plant Attacking Val
        • Hit - 8 damage - Kills it
      • Some other Plant
        • Hit - 4 damage - Kills it

  • Vampire
    • Melee Attack (Claws) vs Smash (with advantage) x2 - 11, 18
      • Miss, Hit - 8 slashing damage
    • Jumps onto a tree branch, it snaps and she falls to the ground - 2 damage

Round Four

  • Bek
    • Rolls Insight to see if the Vampire doesn't want to attack anymore - 22
      • She is only attacking out of defense
    • Attempts to calm her using Animal Handling - 18

  • Isaac
    • Also tries to calm the Vamp, using Persuasion - Nat20+5

  • Smash
    • Rolls to Intimidate - 15

  • Plants
    • Attacks Smash - 20
      • Hit - 4 piercing damage (half damage, actually 2)

  • Plants
    • Attacks Isaac - 7
      • Miss

  • Plants
    • Attacks Isaac - 17
      • Miss

  • Smash
    • Attacks Plants (x2) - 10, 20
      • Miss, Hit - 16 damage - kills it

  • Zin
    • Rolls Insight to see if the Vampire is still hostile - 18
      • She is less hostile, but is still scared and angry
    • Casts Fire Bolt on a Plant - Nat20
      • Hit - 10 damage - kills it

  • Vampire
    • Attacks Bek (x2) - 5, 10
      • Miss, Miss

Round Five

  • Bek
    • Ranged Attack vs Vampire - 15+5
      • Hit - 5 damage

  • Isaac
    • Casts Sacred Flame against Vampire, requiring a DEX saving throw - 8
      • Fails - 5 radiant damage
    • Uses Channel Divinity, then attacks as a bonus action - 20
      • Hit - 5 bludgeoning damage

  • Val
    • Casts Bane against the Vamp, require a CHA saving throw
      • She is poisoned

  • Plants
    • Attacks Isaac
      • Miss

  • Smash
    • Melee Attack vs Vampire (x2) - 7, 17
      • Miss, Hit - 18 damage

  • Zin
    • Attacks last Plant - 10
      • Miss

  • Vampire
    • Tries to push past Isaac, making it a contested STR roll
      • Vampire - 21
      • Isaac - 3
        • Vampire wins - 5 damage to Isaac
    • Runs, prompting an opportunity attack from Smash -Nat1
      • Miss

Round Six

  • Bek
    • Ranged Attack vs Vamp - 19
      • Hit - 11 damage
    • Casts Hunter's Mark as a bonus action

  • Isaac
    • Casts Sacred Flame against Vamp, requiring a DEX saving throw - 8
      • Fail - 6 radiant damage

  • Val
    • Casts Shatter against Vamp, requiring a CON saving throw
      • Fail - 12 damage

  • Smash
    • Melee Attack vs Vamp - 17
      • Hit - 13 damage - kills her

Combat Ends

  • Smash rolls Perception to see what the shapes are up ahead - Nat20
    • He can tell that a mass of figures are walking their way, it's the Vampire Army that the Vampire warned about

  • They all roll Animal Handling again to ride their horses
    • Smash - 20
    • Bek - Nat1+6
    • Isaac - 18 (?)
    • Val - 18
    • Zin - 4
      • They all get on their horses with some degree of difficulty

  • They all roll Perception
    • Val - 22
    • Zin - 15
    • Bek - 12
    • Smash - 19
    • Isaac - 11
      • They almost get caught by some more Vines,

  • Zin makes a DEX saving throw after getting knocked to the ground - Nat1
    • He takes 5 damage, is knocked ahorse

  • Val makes an Acrobatics check to grab Zin and pull him onto her horse - 9
    • She fails

  • Val makes a Perception check to see if she can see where the mayor might be in town - 9
    • She finds it eventually, but it takes longer than she'd like

  • Val rolls Persuasion to convince the person that the town is in danger - 20
    • He believes her, and tells her where to go

  • Isaac rolls Persuasion while talking to the City Hall dude - 17
    • It works,

  • Isaac rolls Persuasion again to convince Agnog Greenbar about the Vampire Army - 14
    • Aided by Val - 17
      • He listens, but doesn't yet believe

  • Bek makes a History check to see what she knows about Vampires - 13
    • Aided by Val - 23
      • She knows some of the basic stuff