Raven Dagger

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The Raven Dagger was a magical Dagger with the pommel in the shape of a raven, given to Jaela by the Raven Queen, as a way of cursing her to complete the mission, The Curse of the Raven Queen. She had to take the life of someone doomed to die once per day. If she failed to do so, someone close to her would die. Whenever Jaela/the dagger approached someone near death/fated to die by the RQ, the dagger's eyes would glow red. First Appearance: Episode 182 - Another Lake, Another Caravan.

Upon completion of her quest, it disappeared from Jaela's hand. Jaela's hand and Jaela also disappeared, sent to the Raven Queen to talk, but the Dagger was gone. Jaela returned back to her friends, but the Dagger was not there, presumably never to be seen again. It is unknown if it was destroyed, or simply taken back by the Raven Queen.