Raw Fury Games

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"Every four years or so, Drunkeros hosts the Raw Fury Games, which is a grand tournament, that fosters good faith between the various kingdoms of Drunkeros."

The Raw Fury Games were a recurring international event in the world of Drunkeros, where a representative from each of the major kingdoms would be sent to compete in a gran tournament. The prize for the victor was 10,000 gold pieces. The games occured every four years or so. Anyone could enroll and compete, however it was typical for commoners to not d so well, and the main representatives would rise to the top anyway. The teams for each nation would usually have the leader who was charismatic and charming, a strongman for reinforcement, and a bard to tell of the tale, and encourage them along the way. There were usually few rules during the games, meaning that it would be typical for competitors to be hurt or even killed during the games (notably, the High-Elves of Galanthus during the 1709 Games). Nonetheless, the popularity of the games, and the success they achieved in keeping the people of Drunkeros united would ensure that the games continued.

There was one hiccup, however, after the events of the Demon Apocalypse. The 1703 Games were set to occur one year after The Battle Above the Abyss, and those who ran the games thought it would be too soon after the end of such a cataclysmic event that it wouldn't be prudent to host the games. But an "unknown benefactor" donated a lot of money for the tournament to be run, as well as the 10,000 gp prize. The Games went ahead, ensuring that one of the commanders of the Battle Above the Abyss, Lord Titus Harper, claimed the victory for his home of Pelor's Hope.

Notable Games

The 1703 Games

The Pelor's Hope team won.

The 1709 Games

The White Spire team won.