Robe of Stars

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The Robe of Stars was a robe that allowed the wearer to teleport themself to the Astral Plane instantaneously1. It belonged, many years ago to the dreaded Lich, Sinu the Red2, but sometime in the year 1707, it was taken from The Crypt of Sinu the Red by a gnome named Toby Treacletart1.


Recent Events

Not much is known about the robe before Toby intercepts it. It belonged to Sinu the Red, in his Crypt. Once Toby aqcuired it, he immediately used it to look around the Astral Plane, and was unable to find anything other than some giant, face-shaped boulders. He returned to the Prime Material Plane and they went on their way3.

The next time he used the Robe was not long after. During The Battle of Tarry Hollow, Toby used the Robe to shift to the Astral Plane again in an attempt to get Teddy Dozar away from the conflict2. Unbeknownst to the gnome, Teddy was, in fact, the locket of Sinu, that he was using as his phylactery to store his soul in. As soon as Toby shifted, Teddy resumed his form of the locket, remaining behind in the Prime Material Plane. The gnome then grabbed onto one of the giant, face-shaped boulders and shifted back to the Prime Material Plane, dropping the boulder onto Sinu the Red's undead head, destroying his physical body4.

Following the events of the Battle of Tarry Hollow, and the subsequent Seven Year Gap, it is unknown how often Toby used the Robe.

He later joined The Tower of Grey5, and together, they ventured into another Plane, that of the Feywild, in search of the missing Prince Thom Harper6. After encountering a bunch of scary giant spiders, and then three scarier Drow, the party was on the verge of being wiped out, so Toby, in a flagrant disregard for the rules, grabbed his friends and teleported them back to the Astral Plane, to safety. Or so they thought. After healing for a couple minutes, a massive Astral Dreadnaught attacked, forcing them to teleport back to the Feywild, where, they discovered, a man named Old Ben Dilladong had taken care of their Drow problem for them7.

Later, Toby died in a Vault in The Nine Hells. He used a clone to resurrect himself, but his items were lost until he returned to his body and acquired them again.

Notable Owners


  • Seems to have the ability to shoot fireballs7?