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Rowan Grey
(Jennifer Cheek)
Rowan by Alex Mitchell.jpg
Alias(es): Rowan Gray (misspelling)
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Ranger
Status: Alive
Cause of Death:
Affiliations: Night Cloaks1

Ätlän-tã Fælcons2

The Tower of Grey3

Appearances: First Episode: Episode 234 - A Vampire Friend
Last Episode: N/A
MISC Info: Cool and confident

Fought with her Oathbow

"Worlds Greatest Aunt" - Titus Harper4

Rowan Grey was the founder of The Tower of Grey3, and also half-sister of Ashayara Dayne, having the same father, King Theonjon Dayne2. She also helped the Ätlän-tã Fælcons in their (mainly Jaela's) quest to defeat Sinu the Red5.


Appearance and Character

Rowan Grey

Rowan had short, almost curly brown hair, and brown eyes. She wore leather, and had freckles. Some fan art suggests she wore a nose-ring, though the canonicity of this is debatable. Her skin was tan, and her cargo pants were khaki. She had the pointy ears of an elf. Looked like a cross between Amanda from Dream Daddy, Haruka from Sailor Moon, and Victor from Yuri on Ice. She was 6 ft tall, and described herself as "lithe"31.

Rowan was tough, but not mean. She had a short attention span, and didn't care much for things that annoyed her (hence her distaste for Frank Ubell). She loved nature, and was good at Survival, which lent well to her Ranger ways. She didn't care much for religion and gods, preferring to just fight stuff and live her life, you know? She wasn't every time aware of her place, socially, and had a habit of inserting herself into situations she may not have been as welcome as she thought. This proved useful when she became the leader of the Tower of Grey, however, as it got results, dammit!

Rowan admitted during the Tower of Grey's First Annual Performance Review that she saw herself living in a castle in five years, throwing many parties and being basically rad all around. She also wanted the group to spend more time doing fun stuff6.

Her "favored enemy" were the Undead.


Early Life

Not much is known about Rowan's childhood. She was the daughter of King Theonjon Dayne, but was not his wife's daughter, so it is unknown if she grew up in the castle, with the other nobility, or not. She doesn't act noble, most of time, so she was probably raised with her mother, or on her own. It was revealed that she and Ashayara Dayne trained together in combat7, though it's unknown when this took place.

Helping the Fælcons

Rowan's half-sister, Ashayara Dayne, was to be married to Lord Titus Harper, by the decree of the King, Theonjon Dayne. While Ashayara Dayne and Harper had met before, they didn't know each other that well, so she asked Rowan to join Denton Glenchester, who was going as a member of the Night Cloaks to help Harper with a problem Vampire. Rowan agreed and met Harper in his home in Pelor's Hope. Together, along with Jaela, they headed over to Buttswell Manor, where the Vampire, named Duke Byron Thorne, was "living" in. Harper attempted to resolve his conflict diplomatically, and it seemed to be going well, until Rowan grew bored, and irritated at the ghoul's morbid sense of humor. She drew a Lightning Arrow and shot at the creature, who, in a fit of panic, thre Denton into the window, tearing down the curtains that blocked the light. This made the Vampires weak, and the battle short2.

Sometime later, Ashayara Dayne and Harper were married, and had seven kids, including Prince Thom Harper. This period of Rowan's life is unknown, but part of the reason she became an adventurer was because Ashayara Dayne would constantly ask her to babysit her and Harper's children. Presumably, she joined the Night Cloaks and went on more adventures with them because she later turned up with Denton when the Fælcons, now minus Harper (he died), but including Steve Meloncamp and Toby Treacletart, arrived at Tarry Hollow, where they were searching for Sinu the Red, a Lich1.

She helped them investigate the city and search for the missing Teddy Dozar, revealing that Denton had a crush on her, which she totally didn't reciporocate8. She also tells them that Ashayara Dayne is still pissed at them for the death of Harper, despite it only being kind of their fault. Rowan was the one who finally took down the reanimated corpse of Sofina Gadreel, Denton's former mentor9. Searching Sinu's living space, she picked up the Dancing Rapier, which would continue to be one of her fighting weapons for many episodes to come, and also a book that increased her Charisma score by 210.

Rowan Grey by Hugo.jpg

At some point during their investigation, the party, while trying to catch the suspect Brahm Bones, accidentally caused his death11, and Toby casted Seeming on Rowan to turn her into Brahm. This didn't really get them anywhere, but they did find out where Teddy was, Rowan being the one to run down to the basement he was being kept in and rescue him12. They finally met Sinu the Red, who reavealed the entire town, and everyone in it, was just a lie, an illusion created to hide the locket he was going to use as his phylactery13. The party fought valiantly, and eventually, destroyed the Lich, Rowan and Jaela doing obscene amounts of damage.

After defeating Sinu the Red, Rowan and Toby were the only party members who desired to continue the adventuring life, and so they decided to band together and start their own adventuring group5...

The Tower of Grey

Rowan and Toby formed The Tower of Grey, and moved to Greenham, where they built an actual tower. Rowan was the CEO, and the ideas-woman, sort of like Steve Jobs, while Toby was her Steve Wozniak. He did the stuff she told him to do, while she was the face of the company. They met Frank Ubell, whom both Toby and Rowan hated immediately, and Lahnik "Lahni" Caplain, whom they didn't hate immediately. Lahni asked the group to help her find her missing brother Lannie3, which they agreed to do, under the condition that she join the Tower and go with them to help. Lahni agreed14, and the new party traveled south, to Ssathra, to find Lannie. They didn't but they did find Skud Derringer15, who they also absorbed into the party. In the Monastery of Uthgar, where they found Skud, they also found The Orb, a weird map thing16. They left, and pondered what to do next, until they received a message from Ashayara Dayne, telling them that Thom Harper has gone missing, and that she needed Rowan to help find him. Together, they decided to put finding Lannie on hold, and headed north to Pelor's Hope to find Thom. In Thom's room, they find a device attuned to another plane, The Feywild17! So they went there to find the boy18.

They immediately got overrun by giant spiders, so Toby transported them to The Astral Plane19. Rowan left the Dancing Rapier behind, but they quickly went back to the Feywild, so she picked it up. NBD. They met Old Ben Dilladong, who saved them, and sent them on their way, toward The Castle of the Spring Court, guided by Nook Nimmlock20. Nook told them about the Queen of Spring, Melora, who had been captured and locked up21. The party's new mission became saving Melora, while Thom would be dealt with later. After crossing the lake surrounding the castle, all seemed to be going well, until The High Level Executive-Class Drow Supreme Fighting Force arrives and Effs it all up. Rowan was challenged by Yellow Yertha in a battle for accuracy. The two fired blast after blast, arrow after arrow at a target, Rowan showing off by posing in wierd stances, so Yertha demanded Frank stand under the tree, with an apple on his head. Yertha landed his shot perfectly, but Rowan... missed! She clipped Frank's ear clean off! He wasn't really that upset about it, however, since he got a reimbursement for being injured in the line of duty22. Anyway Rowan won the challenge! Yay!

Searching through the Castle, the party found Melora and rescued her, just in time for Melora to save them from an aspect of Lolth, who was about to kill them all. She used Rowan's Oathbow to slay the beast, and afterwards, blessed it with her magical kiss (adding 1d8 radiant damage to any roll, and allowing her to reroll any attack, once per day). She also told them Thom could be found in Elysium, so the party made plans to head there instead23.

Rowan's Respite

Rowan and Toby switched bodies while hunting down and defeating Thirst, so that was pretty funny24.

Once the party arrived at Elysium, Rowan called out that she was the half-sister-in-law (?) to the late King Harper, which granted them access to te city The Last Respite25. Throughout their investigation, Rowan demonstrated her responsibility as the leader of the Tower of Grey, leading the conversation whenever the party spoke with outside forces, and commanding the party as to what to do. She and Titus Harper reunited in The Last Respite when they finally found Thom Harper, and discussed the various situations on hand, just like old times, or at least, that old one time26.

After meeting Skid, who threatened to help them, but doesn't, Rowan decided to take him with them to Modean 7, where he pointed them toward, promising to free him once they got there. She did27. There, they met Gagney and Tyson, their two primary suspects in the murders of two Elysian guards, Tilly and Donnybrooke. Rowan led the interrogation, keeping them in the bar despite the Orc army of Gruumsh One-Eye tearing down the city walls outside. She was able to get a confession out of them, telling the party that they had been sent to kill the two guards by Josail Longshadow, from the town of Grull in The Shadowfell. They also were told to let Longshadow and some others into the chambers of Pelor, the god who had recently gone missing, and that the party was searching for. Rowan then told the Captain of the Guard, Ursus Bearnabus what they knew, and the party headed off toward Pelor's Hope to return Thom to his mother Ashayara Dayne4. There, Rowan met Queen Aludra Wyrmsbane, which was cool. Also present was Eckhart Dayhammer, who told them that Adira Harper, Titus's sister, and Rowan's (oh god) half-sister-in-law? Half-sister-in-law-in-law? Who knows. Anyway. He told them that Adira was behind the disappearances of the gods for some unknown reason, and that she was also in the Shadowfell, so that's even more reason to go there28! So there they went, along with Dayhammer, but not before Rowan and Ashayara Dayne hung out, drank, and watched a court jester named Jumbles. It was a good time29.


Traveling to The Shadowfell, the party was apprehended by guards and interrogated in Grull. Rowan told them she was skilled with a bow and arrow, and refused to plead guilty to their phantom crimes30. She was thrown into a cell with Nibor Worra, who was a fan of the Tower of Grey. He told her that he could make a bow for himself and her, if she could sneak into the kitchens and steal some sausage casing for him to use as string. She agreed31. She was assigned to Garden Duty for the prison, despite wanting to be sent to the kitchens32. During her first day of work, Rowan met Verona, a tough and beautiful half-elf who gave her a Smoke in exchange for bringing her some lemonade. Verona had it easy in Grull, reclining on a kind of lawn chair under a tree outside33. Later, Rowan was able to get some sausage casing by causing a distraction, in the form of throwing Toby into the garbage can, while Lahni grabbed some sausages from the sadistic guard Stymer Dunkan. This worked, and Dunkan even gave Rowan an encouraging nod, impressed by her cruelty. Rowan brought the sausages to Worra, where the two enjoyed their time eating them, to get the casings34.

The next day, she was able to acquire corn for Lahni with the help of Verona. The woman caused a distraction for her while she ran over and stole it. While Rowan was in the corn fields, she saw a crop of strange purple mushrooms. One of them made a sneezing sound, and released a puff of spores into the air. They smelled nice, but Rowan ran away. She later gave the corn to Lahni, and Toby told her that the mushrooms were Sneezewarts, useful for many different types of potions35. Toby asked for some, so later at work, she snuck over and stole some for him, and give it to him at dinner.

Skud had to deal with The Baus, so the party came up with a plan to kill him. Skud would take a poisoned needle that they got from a poisoned dagger, and hide it in a bowl of delicious beans, that Skud would give to the Baus as an offering. Meanwhile, Rowan would be hiding in the room ready to attack with the dagger, in case it doesn't work. That night, she cut her hair into a nice pixie cut and put it on the bed, to make it seem like she was still laying there, and sneaked? snuck? over to Skud's room. The two then entered the lair of The Baus, with Rowan hiding in the shadows.

The fight didn't go well. Although The Baus did eat the beans Skud offered, nothing seemed to happen, so Rowan jumped out of the shadows and stabbed him with the dagger. It turned out that the Baus was immune to the poison, so he merely removed the blade and sent the two would-be-assassins down into something called "The Pit". Their friends, Lahni and Toby, went to investigate. While invisible, they snuck into the Baus's lair. Lahni found and pressed the button to open the trapdoor, and pushed the Baus into the pit, killing him once and for all. They then looted the body, finding a magical dagger, and a map that showed them how to get out of here, which they followed. At the end of the tunnel was a wounded Eckhart Dayhammer, whom they saved from certain doom! He was able to lead them to their effects, locked up in impound, but as they were breaking through the door, many guards surrounded them. There was a massive, confusing skirmish, involving summoning demons, and blink dogs (that was Rowan), and smoke bombs. They used this distraction to sneak into the impound room, where they met and saved Frank Ubell! They also found all of their stuff, and some new goodies. Rowan found a pair of sunglasses that used to belong to Verona. They were the Eyes of Charming, and they allowed her to expend one of three daily charges to cast Charm Person on someone. They also found and destroyed the blood room, allowing everyone to be able to use their powers once again.

After that, they turned to the task of freeing the god Pelor. Toby figured out where he was, and everyone went to there. Pelor, as well as the God of the Shadowfell, Torog, were both being held by Josail Longshadow, whom they fought and killed. Rowan dealt the killing blow. They freed to two gods, and Pelor told them that Tiamat, the dragon goddess, has been unleashed into Drunkeros. Also, in order to learn more about the Orb, they should go speak with Ioun.

Freeing the Gods

After their escape from Grull, the party next traveled to the White Spire in Peleor's Hope, taking Verona and others with them. They warned the Pelor's Hopeians about Tiamat, and then headed back to the Tower of Grey. Rowan offered Verona a position at the Tower, which she hesitantly accepted. There was a great celebration! They played Never Have I Ever, where we learned a lot about Rowan, including that she had never had her own bank account, and that she had never thrown up from drinking.

The next morning, the members of the Tower traveled to The Great Library of Ioun, where the goddess taught them all about the Orb. It was a device made to kill gods, but was only useful to them when fully assembled. She also told them where two of the three remaining location were, and that the pieces of the orb could most likely be found there. One of those places was the first layer of the Nine Hells, specifically, the headquarters of the bank, Ferrim Pecunia. Frank worked for that bank, so they decided to go to Pelor's Hope once again, to go to the branch there and gather intel.


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