Rudolph Reindeer

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Rudolph Reindeer
(Jonas Antonsson of Raw Fury Games)
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Alias(es): N/A
Race: Tiefling
Class: Bard
Status: Alive
Cause of Death:
Affiliations: N/A
Appearances: First Episode: Bonus Episode: The Raw Fury Games - Part 1
Last Episode: Episode 250 - The Return of the Raw Fury Games Part 2
MISC Info: Did, in fact, have a red nose, due to the drinking

Likes to write music at the expense of those who hires him

Average height and build, black eyes, looks goth

One horn (he lost the other in a bar brawl), and a tail

When he had to attack, he would use a rapier

Rudolph Reindeer (pronounced Rein-de-air) was a bard who joined Lord Titus Harper and Marendithas Bearcharger in the 1703 Raw Fury Games. Rudolph was a self-titled "Emo/Goth" tiefling. He only had 1 horn, as the other was lost in a bar brawl. He did not like to be indoors, as it reminded him of a traumatic experience he had as a youth. He was kidnapped by a fat, old man dressed in a red suit. Rudolph drank heavily. His ballads were accompanied by a ukulele, and frequently contained lyrics that are unflattering to the subject.