Siege of Pelor's Hope

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Siege of Pelor's Hope
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Conflict Information
Part of: none
Location: Pelor's Hope
Date: 1716
Span of
Queen Ashayara Dayne Tiamat
Queen Ashayara Dayne Fangtooth
Queen Aludra Wyrmsbane


Many Sun Shields

Many Dwarves of Deephome

Eckhart Dayhammer and co.

Hundreds of thousands of Dragonborn

Several Dragons

unknown unknown
unknown unknown

The Siege of Pelor's Hope was a military conflict at Pelor's Hope, in which a massive army of dragonborn, under the command of Tiamat, attempted to infiltrate the city, in the hopes of devouring its inhabitants. They were unsuccessful.

What Happened

Queen Ashayara Dayne called Queen Aludra Wyrmsbane and her wife Jaela to join her on a parlay with the Dragonborn forces who had laid siege to the city. She also asked for the Dwarves of Deephome to help stave off the attackers. Together, they met with Fangtooth, the Dragonborn Captain of the Guard. He told them that they had the rest of the night to evacuate the city, or he would burn it down and eat everyone inside. He then grew irritated at their flippant attitudes, and attacked, along with the entire army behind him. Before the Pelor's Hope crew were destroyed, a magical portal opened, and out stepped Eckhart Dayhammer, along with a team of golden-armored knights, to save the day.


The outcome is unknown, as this is the last we have heard of it. Presumably, the dragonborn were defeated and were all killed or ran away, and the city was not destroyed. We will see.