Silga Darvo

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Silga Darvo
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Alias(es): Master of Whispers
Race: Drow
Class: unknown
Status: Alive
Cause of Death:
Affiliations: Pyre
Appearances: First Episode: Episode 349 - How to Kill a Dragon
Last Episode: N/A
MISC Info: Wore black armor, much like a Undyne from Undertale

Silga Darvo was the Master of Whispers for Mastwick, working for the dragon Pyre. She was mean and intimidating, forcing the denizens of Mastwick to inform on each other. She was working with failed clones of the long-deceased Thom Vidalis, later revealed to have been created by the necromancer, Celtra Wimblepuck.

She spied on Mayor Ballard when he had Footpad Boulderhill tell The Tower of Grey how he was smuggling people into the city. Then, she attacked the group, was defeated, and taken back to The Circle of Seven to answer for her crimes.

Toby Treacletart created a Simulacrum of her to help him and friends get into Mastwick without suspicion. This faux-Darvo (whom I've been calling Dar-faux) had a mind of its own, but was loyal to Toby.