Stymer Dunkan

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Stymer Dunkan
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Alias(es): N/A
Race: unknown
Class: unknown
Status: Alive
Cause of Death:
Affiliations: Grull
Appearances: First Episode: Episode 288 - Welcome to Grull
Last Episode: N/A
MISC Info: Mean dude

Stymer Dunkan was a guard who worked in the prison city of Grull. He was notoriously cruel, having killed several inmates and being happy about it, and was known as a danger throughout the prison: inmates would warn newcomers to stay away from him. He wanted to beat something called "The 90-Sausage Challenge". Best of luck to ya, buddy.

He was chosen by The Baus for Skud Derringer to kill, though the poisoned dagger that was given to do the job, was rigged to kill the user as well.

Despite his infamous cruelty, it is likely that Stymer Dunkan had a heart of gold underneath his tough exterior. When Skud attempted to frame another inmate, Roger, by planting some sausage in his pocket, Dunkan allowed it to pass, as it was Roger's birthday. Also, (that same day) he and Lahni Caplain had a little thing. She, playfully, lightly stepped on his toes. Dunkan took a swing at her, but missed, and fell to the ground. Lahni somehow did a weird spin maneuver to switch their places mid air, so she was falling and he was upright. He grabbed her and pulled her up, the two locking eyes for a moment before he sent her on her way. He later found some sausage hidden in his pocket, planted there by Lahni.

Also, when Toby Treacletart mouthed off to him, Dunkan announced that he was going to "The Hole", but really brought him back to the guard's quarters to play cards, since it was a sick joke (the good kind of sick joke, not the bad kind of sick joke). He demanded that Toby tell everyone how bad an experience he had, though.