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To repeatedly use a template for each argument in a pipe delimited list. The template handles up to 30 list items.

Coming here to use this template in a new page, or put it somewhere it hasn't been used before? Consider using Template:Fe instead!


Create comma delimited links to each hook in a list

{{foreach|SeeHook|delim=, |ParserBeforeStrip|ParserAfterStrip}} → [[Manual:Hooks/ParserBeforeStrip{{#translation:}}|ParserBeforeStrip]]Template:IfTranslation,[[Manual:Hooks/ParserAfterStrip{{#translation:}}|ParserAfterStrip]]Template:IfTranslation




  • templatename - the name of a template that takes at least one parameter. Only the first parameter will be used, so the remaining parameters must be optional.
  • item1 - the first item to pass to the template, resulting in {{templatename|item1}}
  • item2,... - (optional) the second and following items to pass to the template, resulting in {{templatename|item2}}, etc.
  • delim - (optional) a delimiter that should be inserted between the list items after the template templatename has been applied to each