The Astral Plane

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The Astral Plane was one of the Planes of Existence, that many adventurers travelled to throughout the years. It was black and endless, with pools of light eminating everywhere. Each pool was a portal to another plane1.

Recent Events

Toby Treacletart, having just found the Robe of Stars, belonging to Sinu the Red, donned the Robe and transported himself to the Astral Plane in an attempt to get some kind of clue as to the whereabouts of Teddy Dozar. He was unsuccessful, and returned to his friends, but maked note of the large head-shaped statues floating around1.

Later, during their fight with Sinu, the Ätlän-tã Fælcons were not getting anywhere. They had found Teddy by this point, but during the fight, he became crazed and demonic. Toby grabbed the boy and shifted back into the Astral Plane, this time holding him2. Teddy disappeared, and Toby grabbed one of those wierd head boulders. He swung it downwards, then used the Robe to shift back to the Prime Material Plane of Drunkeros, dropping the giant boulder right onto Sinu's head, killing him3.

Later, The Tower of Grey found themselves facing off against a bunch of spiders and scary drow in The Feywild. Getting scared and nearly deafeated, Toby again used the Robe to take his new friends into the Astral Plane to rest and in general escape the badness4. It wasn't the greatest plan, though, because as they were healing themselves with spell, an "Astral Dreadnaught" appeared and nearly killed them, forcing them to hop back to the Feywild5.

Later, The Circle of Seven, summoned by Bigby, met to discuss killing Orcus, demon god of The Abyss. They went there6 and did that (though only temporarily), and then returned to Bigby's Tower to celebrate7.


  • The Astral Plane looks like outer space
  • Junpei Iori was an Astral Space Pirate, and his people were likely from here