The Baus

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The Baus
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Alias(es): Information Broker
Race: Human
Class: unknown
Status: Dead
Cause of Death:
Pushed by Lahni into a pit of bones, one of which speared him in the chest
Affiliations: N/A
Appearances: First Episode: Episode 289 - First Impressions
Last Episode: Episode 296 - The Bone Pit
MISC Info: Scar under the eyes that wraps around his entire head, like it was stitched back together

Long, greying hair, slicked back

Elaborate and Fancy

The Baus was a mysterious broker of information, presumably a prisoner of Grull. He used his secret knowledge to garner favor with the guards, and procure amenities for himself and his followers, notably, Jimmy Skaags. Jimmy recruited his new cellmate, Skud Derringer, into his cause, and the Broker had him assigned to the laundry, and gave Skud a sealed envelope, told him not to open it, and commanded him to place the package in between the sheets of Cart #7. Skud agreed.

He had his own personal chef, and wore a mink coat. He probably has a name, but seeing as Skud didn't ask for it, we'll never know. Or at least, we'll have to wait to find out. Skud later referred to him as "The Boss", to which Jimmy, or perhaps Steinar Ulth said it "wasn't spelled the way you think". It was revealed in Episode 291 - First Days on the Job what the true spelling was.

After Skud delivered the note, The Baus arrived at the laundry and took the note, revealing that it was not a real delivery, just a test. If he failed, he would have been killed. The Baus then gave Skud another job, to kill Stymer Dunkan, the guard. To accomplish this, The Baus gave him a poisoned dagger. It was later discovered that this dagger was rigged to kill the user as well as the victim.

Skud, along with Rowan Grey went to kill The Baus, but their plan involved using the poisoned dagger, which it was then revealed that The Baus was immune to! Their assault failed, and the two were sent down into something called "The Pit". Soon, the allies of these two, Lahni Caplain and Toby Treacletart, arrived in search of their missing friend. They were invisible, and Lahni pressed the button opening the trapdoor. When The Baus went to investigate, the still invisible Lahni shoved him, causing him to fall into the Pit. At the bottom was a pile of bones, to varying degrees of sharpness. The Baus impaled himself on one, killing him instantly.

The party then searched the body, finding a magical dagger, and the map that he was going to give to Skud.