The Brazier of Worlds

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The Brazier of Worlds was one of three artifacts requested by Fennekin, along with The Orb of Endless Power and The Whip of Binding1. It was located in The Ruins of House Vidalis2. Fennekin later used it to create the Demon Portal3.

Recent Events

Fennekin offered to remove the players' Brain Bombs, if they brought him the three artifacts, which they agreed to do1. They searched in the library and learned that it would be in The Ruins of House Vidalis2. They decided to go for the Whip of Binding First4, and succeeded5, then went for the Orb of Endless Power6, and succeeded7. Then, finally, they went for the Brazier8. Somehow, while traveling through The Swamps of Ichtaka, the party was sent backwards in time, to the year 13809. They met a clone (or perhaps the original version) of Thom Vidalis, who wanted to use the Brazier to bring a few demons from The Abyss into Drunkeros10. After killing the other Thom11, the party used the Brazier (with Fennekin's help) to return to their own time, 170012.

After coming through the portal, Aludra Wyrmsbane and Thom wait for Lord Titus Harper, who joined the party much later13. That night, the portal closed, and the Brazier disappeared14. Harper had stolen it! Aludra and Thom chased him, and eventually caught up, whereupon Harper revealed that Fennekin had captured his family, and was going to kill them unless Harper infiltrated their ranks and bring him the Brazier. Upon hearing this, Aludra and Thom decided to help Harper rescue his family, and theur agree to all take the Brazier to Fennekin together15. Eventually, they reached Fennekin in Caer. The standoff was tense. Harper threatened to destroy the Brazier unless Fennekin released the Harper family. Fennekin refused, and used the Brain Bombs to kill Aludra and Thom. Harper, in response, tried to destroy the Brazier, but was unable before Ros, whom they had previously believed to be an ally, stabbed Harper through the heart, killing him16.

After being brought back to life by Erathis, for the purposes of destroying the newly created Demon Portal, and ending the Demon Apocalypse that Fennekin started3, the party was joined by Jaela17, who helped them find the Demonomicon18, which told them that they could destroy the Demon Portal using the Hammer of Sundering19. After a long journey, the party made it back to Fennekin's Fortress, and fought the villain. In the end, it was Thom who used the Hammer to sacrifice himself, and destroy the Demon Portal (including the Brazier), ending the Demon Apocalypse, and killing Fennekin, once and for all20.