Elemental Tramway

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Elemental Tramway
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Location: Multiverse
Contains: N/A
Ruler: N/A
Notable Occupants: N/A
Status: Intact
Reason for Destruction:
Affiliations: N/A
Appearances: First Episode: Episode 365 - Ticket To Ride
Last Episode: N/A
MISC Info:

The Elemental Tramway was a transportation hub that allowed travelers to enter each of the four Elemental Planes, by way of magical trams leading there. There were, of course, 4 trams, each one occupying its own tunnel. Each tunnel and tram was color coded, indicating which plane it would take you through:

  • The Elemental Plane of Earth: The tunnel is brown and dark grey. The tram is carved out of stone.
  • The Elemental Plane of Fire: The tunnel is shades of red. The tram is made of a dull grey metal, all covered in soot.
  • The Elemental Plane of Air: The tunnel is almost colorless, but sparkling. The tram is fabric, stretched across some kind of framework. Might be an airship of some kind?
  • The Elemental Plane of Water: The tunnel is blue and green. The tram looks to be made of old, wooden planks, perhaps pirate ship-like, and is covered in barnacles.

Recent Events

The Tower of Grey traveled here during their mission to battle in a game of Bones, in order to gain access to the Elite Forge. They needed to travel to each of the four planes (ending with the Plane of Fire), defeating each of the four Champions there. It was decided that they would first enter the Elemental Plane of Water, because of the hit show Avatar: the Last Airbender.