Monastery of Uthgar

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The Monastery of Uthgar was a place where monks of the chill god Uthgar would worship him, and drink. Skud Derringer lived here for many years, even after all the other monks died* and he raised them as zombie servants/friends.

It was revealed in Episode 302, that the Monastery was constructed as a location to keep the core of The Orb safe from those who would use it for the wrong purposes.

Later, we discovered that the Monastery was invaded by The Skull Bandits, and all of its inhabitants killed. One of the Bandits, named Lannie Caplain, told Skud and his friends that he had a "peepaw" who told him that this Monastery contained untold riches. This presumably is a reference to The Orb, though how this "peepaw" knew about it, or still, who this "peepaw" is, remains a mystery. Side note: I really gotta stop leaving comments like that last in these pages. Eventually, we will learn about this "peepaw", and then it's incredibly unlikely that I'll remember to come back to this page and update it. So, if you're reading this in the future, click on that Lannie link and see if there's any new information. OR, check out the page on Lannie's sister, Lahnik "Lahni" Caplain, where that information will, presumably, also be.

Notable Occupants


  • It was totally a frat house