The Quest of the Escaped Goat

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The Quest for the Escaped Goat was a quest that The Daring Dragoons were sent on, in order for them to earn their name. The quest was to find and apprehend the goat Scrapple, who's owner, Gustoff, lost him. This is apparently a recurring event1.


  • Norhall Episode 4
    • Valwin Galanodel persuades Barv to tell them what he knows, or thinks. He suspects that a woman named Meera Hearthglenn stole Scrapple, because she is in love with Gustoff's son, Gurd.
    • The party travels to the Hearthglenn Meadery, and speak to Meera. She doesn't know where Gurd is, and is worried about him. She knows nothing of the goat. The last place she saw Gurd was three days ago, when he was on his way to Jabber's house, who also like Meera.
    • The party heads to Gustoff's Farm, where they notice that something must have broken out of the goat fence, rather than into it.
    • Gustoff tells them that Gurd was acting strangely, that the two had had an argument about Gurd marrying Meera, then he stormed off.
    • They discover tracks that lead off into the woods, and follow them.
    • In the woods, they find the dead body of the goat, the dead body of Jabber, and the living body of Gurd, who has become a werewolf. He calls for other wolves and werewolves, and there is a mighty battle.
  • Norhall Episode 5
    • The un-named Dragoons win the fight and take Gurd back home, along with the bodies of Jabber and Scrapple. They explain the whole situation to everyone in town.
    • Gustoff asks them to kill Gurd, and when they refuse, requests that they return him to Norhall, where he can be watched over by Lady Hileina Silver. They agree and go to bed.
  • Norhall Episode 6
    • The next morning, Bek is awoken by Gurd, who tells her he won't be going to Norhall with them, because he would rather live as a free man. Bek fails to change his mind, so he leaves.
    • The party returns to Norhall, and, while they were unsuccessful at returning the goat to Gustoff, they did find it, and survived the werewolves, and saved Gurd, so Lady Silver gives them their name, The Daring Dragoons.

Quest Ends


  • Current Status: Complete
  • This quest is a recurring event that all Norhall Adventurers and Heroes have to go on
    • This instance of the quest is, presumably, the final one, though.