The Skull Bandits

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The Skull Bandits were a group of Bandits operating in Ssathra. A group of them (including Lannie Caplain), invaded The Monastery of Uthgar, nearly killing everyone inside. They were stopped by an interferring Master Alder, who, along with his three skeleton companions, killed everyone of the Bandits, except Lannie, who didn't hurt anyone.

It is currently unknown how large an organization the Bandits were. It is possible that there are branches operating all across Drunkeros. It is also possible that the only members were those that attacked the Monastery, and then killed, making the group no longer exist. Time will tell.

Notable Members


  • Status: Still Functioning (although this is unknown)
  • Primary Location: Ssathra (although, again, they could be everywhere. Including BEHIND YOU RIGHT NOW!!!)
  • Michael said that they were initially going to be a Naruto themed group, but during the episode, decided to make it an homage to Team Rocket.