The Trinity

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The Trinity refers to a series of three characters played by Mike Bachmann following the death of his first and primary character, Thom the Dragonborn. Following the Five Year Gap, Titus Harper became King of Pelor's Hope, and appointed a friend of his, Marendithas Bearcharger, to be his personal bodyguard, (the two had previously gone on adventures together). This was the first of Bachmann's Trinity. Bearcharger accompanied Harper, along with Nyx (another of Harper's bodyguard), and Jaela to the wedding of Jaela's ex, Aludra Wyrmsbane. Along the way, Bearcharger was killed by a beholder, and the party followed the demon inhabiting his body (it's a thing) to an island of apelings, where they met Bananas Foster, the second of the Trinity. Foster, too, was not long for this world, as he was offensively old, and offensively offensive. He succumbed to his age while attempting to carry a crate of bananas up a ladder in the decks of the Chum Guzzler, which crushed him. The party, quickly forgetting the apeling, met with the famed musician Jett Razor (the third of the Trinity), who was asked to perform at the wedding. He agreed, and, while escaping to the ship, was shot by a poison dart and was nearly killed. He was, however, saved by Jaela, whereafter, he uttered the fourth-wall breaking phrase, "The Circle is Complete". Jett became a regular party member after that, and was not immediately killed.

Notable Members