The Whale

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The Whale
The Whale.jpg
Alias(es): The Whale (real name unknown)
Race: Goliath
Class: unknown
Status: Alive
Cause of Death:
Affiliations: N/A
Appearances: First Episode: Episode 288 - Welcome to Grull
Last Episode: N/A
MISC Info: The biggest dude in Grull

The Whale was the name of the largest person in the city-prison of Grull. When Lahni Caplain was imprisoned there, she wanted to test her might, so she was told by Bercy Hamhands to knock out the biggest guy there, and pointed her toward The Whale. She and her friends (the other members of The Tower of Grey) fought the beast, and Lahni was ultimately the one to bring him to his knees. Or, rather, face, since he fell face first to the ground, but, you get the idea. Somehow, he found himself under the command of Frank Ubell, the spindly accountant to the Tower. The circumstances surrounding this status quo are unknown.