Toby Treacletart

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Toby Treacletart
(Tim Lanning)
Alias(es): Brad the Braggadocious
Race: Rock Gnome
Class: Wizard
Status: Alive
Cause of Death:
Affiliations: Ätlän-tã Fælcons

The Tower of Grey

White Spire

Appearances: First Episode: Episode 195 - Meanwhile, in Glaine, the Jewel of the East
Last Episode: N/A
MISC Info: 3' 1"

37-50 lbs

Fiery red hair

Subject of an ongoing super-crush from my boy Hugo

Toby Treacletart was one of the final members of the Ätlän-tã Fælcons, and co-founder of The Tower of Grey. He was a wizard, a gnome, and the most intelligent being in Drunkeros.


Appearance and Personality

Toby wore his fiery red hair in a variety of different styles. Occasionally, for important situations, he would put it up into a ponytail. Following the events of the Seven Year Gap, he had grown out his facial hair into a nice goatee, styling the mustache into your classic, Robin-hood-esque shape. He also wore a variety of different clothing over the years, though he adopted the Robe of Stars as his primary form of outer-wear following his acquisition of it from the Crypt of Sinu the Red. Toby had a huge smile, big ears, and a big (but not comically big) nose. His hands were often stained or burned from constantly tinkering or working with potions or other such things.

A Young Toby Treacletart

As a gnome, Toby enjoyed the frivolities of the classic gnome way. He was known to play tricks and japes on his friends, and even his enemies on occasion. His proclivity to tinkering led to him being a remarkable wizard, as well as his unending quest for knowledge. He boasted an astounding 23 intelligence. He was known to be a bit rude, to those he deemed uninteresting, or unimportant to his life. That said, he was also known to be easily excitable, and would squeal with joy whenever something amazing happened. He looked up to the Ätlän-tã Fælcons as heroes, even hanging posters of these legendary heroes on the wall of his room in the White Spire. At the beginning of his adventures, one might have used the words "innocent", and "optimistic" to describe Toby, though these traits fell away as he spent more and more time adventuring, and having bad things happen to him.



As a Tim Lanning character, Toby's family tree was significantly more fleshed out than the others. His parents were Arleton (I believe) and Conteza Treacletart, and he had four siblings: Breah, Pan, Sams, and Snatch Treacletart. Snatch had been missing for years before Toby found him as a prisoner in the kitchens of Grull (more on that later). Toby also had two pets, a rat name Snake (who stayed at home), and his familiar, an eagle named Arlington, whom Toby could see through/communicate with when needed. He had a friend named Sabine, who was somehow deceased, and he was mentored by Xharlion Zumstina. His roommate in the White Spire was Borris, who later became Toby's first mate aboard the Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.

His family, House Treacletart was established many years ago by Toby's Great-Grandfather, Warllie, the Treacletart. He owned a sweet-shop, one that the Treacletarts continued to run well into Toby's life.

Early Life

Toby grew up in Glaine, the Jewel of the East, and was trained in the arts of Wizardry in the White Spire there. His mentor was Xharlion Zumstina. Not much is known about his early years. He was a fastidious and bright student, quick and eager to learn. He was a fan of the Ätlän-tã Fælcons, as well as an ancient hero named Doug the Dark Elf. At some point, he came to be under the employ of Archmage Cornelius Talionis, as well as being familiar with Watson Copperfield. We was working with Talionis when he met Lex, a witch who brought news of strange magical aberrations she had felt. This concerned Toby, as he himself had detected the same aberrations on his Ranged Arcana Detector, or RAD. Talionis, later revealed to be involved with these aberrations, refused to listen to Lex, and had her imprisoned. Toby sneaked down to the cells and freed her, deciding that he no longer belonged in the White Spire. He had felt like he didn't belong ever since Xharlion left, and used this as his opportunity to hit the bricks. He freed Lex, who then returned to the rest of the Ätlän-tã Fælcons, telling them about the gnome who saved her life.

Meeting the Fælcons

Toby waited at an inn called The Shrieking Cow, while Lex sent word to the Fælcons. These heroes then made their way to Glaine, to meet the young gnome who saved their friend. Their meeting was the epitome of the phrase "Never Meet Your Heroes." Nevertheless, Toby quickly bonded with the Fælcons, and together, they investigated the mysterious magical aberrations. This led the party right back to The White Spire, where they were attacked by a strange monster. The monster turned out to be Steve Meloncamp, now in the form of a horrific flesh golem, made out the body parts collected by Thom Vidalis. Toby was as star-struck as he was horrified. They were visited by Borris, Toby's roommate, who warned them that Cornelius Talionis just turned into a puddle before his eyes! Confronting the false Archmage, they learned that he was secretly a Nareevian, a group of beings from a city in the sky that was going to fall on Glaine and kill everyone! And their former party member, Jett Razor was also one of them! And the real Cornelius Talionis was being held in Nareev. The impostor escaped, and Toby took everyone back to his house to rest.

Toby with Arlington

They first warned the White Spire about the Nareevian threat, then went to Pelor's Hope, where they were imprisoned by Queen Ashayara Dayne, under charges of failing to save he husband, the late King Titus Harper. They were able to convince her to spare them, by warning her of the Nareevians. They then went to the library, Toby's favorite place, where they learned that Nareev was governed by Soloni, a minor god. They also found the Sage's Cup, a mysterious artifact that could give them the knowledge they needed. Toby was the one to drink from it, so he was given a choice: three questions answered, or two questions answered and a gift. Toby chose the latter. The two questions pointed him toward the Temple of Soloni in Nareev, and the gift he received was intelligence. Specifically, he gained a +1 to his Intelligence score, bringing him up to 21!

After warning everyone about the Nareevian threat, the party traveled to Tidtowne, where they recruited a small army of monsters there. Here, Toby created a simulacrum of himself that he named "Toby 2", who would, as a rule, kind of be around forever going forward. He wasn't intelligent, and couldn't learn, but he could speak, listen, and perform simple tasks. The whole group then travelled back to Glaine, and successfully sneaked in. From there, they learned of Eleanor Morningfall, a Nareevian defector who was working with the Birther Movement to stop Jett Razor from dropping the city. After making their way up to the city, they were able to meet up with Eleanor, after sneaking aboard Jett's airship, Jett's Toi. She told them of her plan, to cause a distraction and steal some items from the Temple of Soloni, in order to summon the god, so that he would save them all. Toby and the others agreed to go along with this plan, especially after Toby learned that one of the items they needed was called the Tome of Knowledge. They ended up freeing the dragon Yazdir Dosh as a means of causing a distraction. In return, Yazdir gave them (specifically Jaela) a whistle that would summon her.

After freeing the dragon, the group then went to the Temple of Soloni, and Toby was able to help them all sneak inside. It was inside that Eleanor learned that the Tome would not grant him extra intelligence, so Toby forgot about it, and was able to move the city away from being directly over Glaine. Unfortunately, this severed the magic that was holding it up, sending the plane into a free fall toward Drunkeros! Oh no! Eleanor told them that they might be able to stop it if they get the Tome of Knowledge, so off they went, very quickly this time. While they moved, Toby created a third Toby, this one just an image, to warn everyone in Glaine that they needed to evacuate. The Tome of Knowledge told them how to bring Soloni back, resulting in everyone meeting the demi-god. Unfortunately, his power was greatly diminished due to his temples being blocked, so the Fælcons were tasked with splitting up and traveling to each of them, to clear them out individually. Toby was sent to the Aspect of the Child, where he was tasked with laying down an offering to the statue there, and then demonstrating his "child-like trust". This meant that he had to willingly jump into a hole in the ground, but Toby used Detect Magic to learn that the whole was just an illusion. He jumped, landing back in front of the statue, which cleared it. The others also completed their missions, resulting in Soloni being able to return.

As the god began the ritual of moving Nareev back to it's plane, the party confronted their former ally, Jett Razor. During this battle, Toby hid and cast an image of himself into Jett's airship, taking control of it, and steering it back toward them. After Jaela defeated Jett, and Soloni completed his ritual, the Fælcons found themselves stranded in the air, the city below them having been taken by Soloni. That's when they were saved by the airship, which they then commandeered as their own, Toby renaming it Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. Having saved the city, the Fælcons were rewarded with medals and accolades. Toby's parents were also rewarded for their services.

Life Goes On

After the celebrations were over, the Fælcons began the process of making the airship their own. For his part, Toby crowned himself the captain, and decked out the captain's quarters with a small library, as well as brought roommate Borris onboard as First Mate. He also had his 40th birthday around this time, making him 40 years old. That's how birthdays work. I feel I don't have to explain that to you.

Jaela at this time had a very important mission to go on, to slay the lich Sinu the Red. Toby and Steve accompanied her, and they were joined by a new member of the team, Rowan Grey. Together, they travelled to the town of Tarry Hollow, where they expected to find The Crypt of Sinu the Red. Instead, they found a strange little town, full of strange people, with their own problems. Most notable among them, the missing child Teddy Dozar. During their search for the missing child, they found Sinu's crypt, and inside was a personal library of the Lich, including a series of journals detailing his life. They told of how he was manipulated by his master into doing terrible things, and swore to make up for them. But then, something strange happened. Sinu felt fear, and this caused him to enter a kind of fugue state, where he tortured and killed his old master. This type of event happened more and more in his life. It was pretty effed. Toby found, in Sinu's crypt, a Robe of Stars, which allowed him to shift into the Astral Plane whenever he wanted.

Eventually, they were able to find Teddy Dozar. At this same time, Sinu the Red attacked, and revealed that the entire town of Tarry Hollow was merely a projection. All fake. Everyone of the townsfolk were actually skeletons made to look like people. The buildings were ruins. Teddy Dozar was the locket that Sinu wanted to use as his phylactery. The heroes fought against Sinu the Red, and Toby used the Robe to transport into the Astral Plane with Teddy, who became the locket. On his return, he brought back with him, a giant face boulder, smashing it down onto Sinu's head. This destroyed his body, but his soul escaped, which Jaela was able to destroy with her Raven Dagger. The day was saved!

After this adventure, Jaela returned to her girlfriend, the Queen Aludra Wyrmsbane, and the two of them got married. Toby offered to throw the bachelorette for her, as the two had grown to be quite close. She accepted, and the party was legendary. Nothing of note happened for Toby's arc, other than he was a great friend.

A couple of weeks later was the return of the Raw Fury Games. Participating in this event was the White Spire, who asked Toby to represent their team. He was joined by Rolen Twentais, a hero from a distant, mythical land, and a former ally of Titus Harper, Rudolph Reindeer. Also, Lex! The rules were to get from Deephome all the way to Pelor's Hope first, without teleportation, or using ships of any kind. Before the race, Toby took stock of the other groups, and found one group from New Newfoundland Land, a simple, kind place. Toby worried for the party, and so he gave them one of his Immovable Rods. Later, during the race, the group was overtaken by a rival group, and wounded. Toby's party came upon them, and gave them some bandages, then Toby took the Rod back for himself. Throughout the race, Toby demonstrated his magical prowess and was able to get his team to the end first, winning the race, and the 1709 Raw Fury Games!

The Tower of Grey

At some point between 1709 and 1716, Toby graduated from the White Spire. Not much is known about this event, though, presumably, he and his family threw a large party, with may festivities abounding.

Toby is growing up...

Most notable during this time, however, was the official dissolution of the Ätlän-tã Fælcons, as Jaela and Aludra were married and settled down to rule in Deephome, and Steve returned to his wife, Cheryl Meloncamp, and baby Xena Meloncamp. Rowan and Toby remained together, however, and Rowan came up with the plan to established an adventurers-for-hire group, with herself as the face/leader of the organization, and Toby doing all the business and research stuff. They would become The Tower of Grey, and they built a large tower in the town of Greenham. In order to fund this tower, Rowan and Toby borrowed some money from the notorious bank of Pelor's Hope, Ferrim Pecunia. For a while, business was slow, but steady. That all changed in 1716.

Toby began creating clones of those who were members of the Tower, including himself, Rowan, and Borris (now working for the Tower). The way this process was done was, Toby would hire a cleric named Clarence Scrimald cut off the clone's finger, where Toby would bring it to the basement of the Tower and cast the Clone spell on it. It would take several years to grow one of these clones, but if anything bad should ever happen to any of them, they would be able to return in this new body. The lifeless clones were stored in large tanks in the basement.

The Tower was hired by Lahnik "Lahni" Caplain to find her missing brother Lannie, though they only agreed to the mission if Lahni herself would accompany them. Having joined the team, Toby cut off Lahni's finger and began growing a clone of her. Also, Ferrim Pecunia came demanding their return on that loan, which the party did not yet have the money for. As collateral, they left with the Tower, one Frank Ubell, an irritating man who loved accounting. Together, they took off on the airship and flew south, to Ssathra, to find Lahni's brother. At the Monastery of Uthgar, the party encountered one Skud Derringer, a monk who was also the only survivor of that monastery. He gave them The Orb, and became another member along with Lahni.

After being sent to The Feywild, the party became surrounded by giant spiders, so Toby used his Robe to transport them all to the Astral Plane, where they were able to heal themselves. But then they were attacked by something called a "Dread Astronaut", so they had to return to the Feywild, where they were rescued by Old Ben Dilladong. Later, the party made it to the Castle of the Spring Court, where they each had to face a member of the High Level Executive-Class Supreme Fighting Force. Toby fought against Green Guldo. The challenge was more of a trivia game, where the gnome had to answer questions about his hero Doug the Dark Elf, which proved easy for him. He beat Green Guldo handily, realizing that they know each other from the "sending network forum boards". Toby's screen-name was "PapaDoug18".

The gang freed the trapped god Melora, who gave them each a boon. To Toby, she gave the Tome of Intelligence he was searching for, allowing him to increase his intelligence score by 1. This causes him to gain a streak of white in his hair, similar to Rogue of the X-Men. They also added The Jade Pyramid to the orb, causing to resemble a Petscop gift piece more than an "orb".

Toby met the late King Titus Harper when the party travelled to Elysium, where passed on souls went to rest. Toby geeked out, as a long-time fan of the sorcerer. Harper signed Toby's spellbook, telling him that he sensed great power in him. Also at this time, Toby meets with Marendithas Bearcharger, who, despite popular belief, was not a moron, but was instead vastly intelligent. He asked Toby to correct this misunderstanding when he returned to the Prime Material Plane. It is unknown if Toby ever did this. While these meetings are going on, an army of Orcs was barreling down the walls of the city. Once they finally made it through, Toby used his Shapechange ability to turn into Yazdir Dosh, the dragon, and yummed up some of those Orcs. Gross. He also transformed into the shape of Doug the Dark Elf during this fight.

After this adventure into the Elysium, the party next travelled to The Shadowfell, where they were promptly imprisoned and sent to Grull. Each of them were questioned, but Toby refused to give his name, so it was just written down as "Brad". This would go on to inspire Toby's prison name: "Brad the Braggadocious". Also, during this interview, Toby was unable to contain his excitement when asked what his special skills were, telling them that he was a powerful wizard. He was thrown into a cell with Steinar Ulth, a sneaky alchemist who was developing a plan to escape. Mostly, this involved a book that needed to be stolen from the library. Toby was assigned to Kitchen Duty, where, by random luck, he happened to run into another inmate also assigned there. This was Snatch Treacletart, Toby's older brother, who had been missing for years. Toby and friends, along with several other prisoners from the jail, were able to formulate a plan and escape, using many different characters and plot points. It's a lot of fun! Toby helped Steinar Ulth make a potion that would let them use spells again (their magic was taken away), and then they all unleashed hell on the prison, causing a ruckus and getting all their stuff back. Toby also acquired at this time the Crystal Ball of Telepathy, which would allow him to scry on people, as well as a Broom of Flying, which is exactly what it sounds like. He was able to use the Ball to find the two missing gods, Pelor and Torog, being held captive by Josail Longshadow (oh yeah, that was a thing). They defeated Josail and freed the gods, taking another two pieces of The Orb and being granted a boon by Pelor: a tattoo on their dominant hand that will glow when holding a weapon, and allowing an extra 1d8 radiant damage. How this works with magic is unknown. Pelor also told them to go visit Ioun, who could tell them what the Orb is. So they did.

Toby is ready to eff ess up

Toby brought Snatch back to the Tower of Grey and began making a clone of him. He used the Wish spell to create one of Skud immediately. Then the gang played Never Have I Ever, where we learn a lot about everyone's history. Toby was an all A student, had thrown up from drinking too much, had never had #buttsex, nor ever gone on a date, and he had a father who was proud of him. The party then travelled to The Great Library of Ioun to speak with Ioun.

Toby was blown away by the magical library, and couldn't stop asking questions. They learned that the Orb was a weapon to kill gods, and needed all seven parts (six sides and the orb in the center) to be complete, then it could be destroyed. They had the centerpiece and three of the six sides, and Ioun informed them that the next piece would be found in Ferrim Pecunia, a bank in the Nine Hells. She also confirmed to Toby that he was the most intelligent person in all of Drunkeros!! She also also promised Toby that he could return to be her apprentice once the whole god thing was wrapped up.

They returned to Pelor's Hope, where Toby read a book given to him by Ioun. It told him how to turn his simulacrum Toby 2 into a "real" version of Toby, with intelligence and a soul and everything. Unfortunately, the only way to accomplish this was to reduce Toby's Intelligence and Constitution scores by 2. Reluctantly, Toby agreed, and the next day, he introduced the rest of his friends to the new and improved Toby 2. The real Toby's hair inverted from red with a white streak to white with a red streak, while Toby 2's hair was the opposite.

They headed to the Pelor's Hope arm of Ferrim Pecunia, and successfully got jobs there, allowing them to be sent on a corporate retreat to the one in the Nine Hells! Actually, the place was really nice, more like a Floridian beach resort than a "Hell". Oh well, before they left, Toby took some time to construct a Demi-plane to keep Toby 2 in and some other people to help them if they need it (the players would promptly forget about this small army of assistance.) He also placed in there the wizards Erynn Colleen and Marlamin Windlore. Those two would end up staying in the Demi-plane and watching over the clones that Toby made of everyone, which he didn't move in there until later, but I'll just include it now. And probably later if I forget. Anyway, they were made to do some terrible things on this "vacation" such as pressing a button to hurt their friends, or else getting blasted with lasers themselves. Toby tried to not press his button, but the pain was too great, and did it anyway. They were able to break away from all this nonsense and sneak through the bank to... The Vault, where the artifact was sure to be.

The Vault was locked and needed several keys to get in. Not wanting to go through all that, Toby decided instead to go through the door using Dimension Door, and was immediately killed by a series of traps designed for such an intruder.

But his story doesn't end there. Toby's soul was sent to Glitterhold, afterlife of the Gnomes. Garl Glittergold resurrected Toby, sending back to one of his clones (at this time still at the Tower of Grey). This version of Toby was younger, had no white in his hair, and had a golden glow about his skin from meeting Garl. Dope! He was then able to return to his friends and got one of the key cards to open the Vault properly. They decided to split up to get the rest of the key cards, with Toby going after the black one, held by a dragon named Kate Aurochs. He was somehow able to seduce her, thus beginning one of the weirdest relationships in the series. The two effed all night, and it was all very weird and scary. Whatever, he was able to throw the key card out the window, where it was intercepted by Rowan Grey. And with that, they were able to get into the Vault, and Toby reunited with his own dead body, and all his magic items that he had on him when he died. They also retrieved the fourth piece of the artifact!

The Toby Gang

The party returned to the Tower of Grey, where, after celebrating and resting, Toby created 'The Toby Gang. The list is as follows

  • Toby Treacletart - Sometimes referred to as Toby 1. The first and oldest clone of the initial Toby Treacletart who died in the Vault of the Ferrim Pecunia. Resurrected by Garl Glitterhold. Red hair, no white streaks, and golden skin.
    • Terrance - Formerly a simulacrum known as Toby 2, until he was imbued with intelligence by the initial Toby (before dying). Red hair with a white, Rogue-esque streak in it. Seven years older than Toby 1.
    • Trey - Initially called Toby 3 (now deceased). A simulacrum of Toby 1, with short, spiky hair.
    • Toby 4 - A simulacrum of Terrance/Toby 2. Long, straight hair off to the side.
    • Hoby - A homunculus version of Toby. Made out of pumpkins and looked like Stitch with Toby's face. Cute and scary. Immune to poison and thus can't get drunk. Can fly.
{from left to right:} Hoby, Toby 1, Terrance, Trey, Toby 4.

It's also around this time that Toby moved the clones to his demi-plane.

The party then travelled to The Elemental Plane of Fire, taking with them Trey and Hoby, while leaving Terrance and Toby 4. While infiltrating a volcano (long story), they were attacked by a lava creature, which killed Trey. Sad face. Toby wasn't that torn up about it, however, as he viewed his alternate versions as expendable, with the exception of Terrance.

The party then fought the rulers of this volcano, The Ballista Twins. The twins were killed, and, although they were evil, the party felt really bad about the murder they just did (also, there was a Kevin McCallister-esque youth who left traps for them, and they killed him too... again, long story). To make up for this, and to gather powerful creatures to use in a game of Bones (you really should be reading the episode synopses), the party decided to find evil and strong monsters throughout the lands to capture and get rid of/use. Toby, referring to Kate Aurochs as his "girlfriend", decided to pay her a visit to ask who they should hunt for. Kate used this opportunity to get rid of someone she didn't like, a Beholder named Rick. So they did.

Then, after years and years of promising to do it, the party decided to take on the dragon known as Pyre...