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(NPC (Tim))
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Alias(es): N/A
Race: unknown
Class: Master-at-Arms
Status: Dead
Cause of Death:
Charmed, forced to fight Big Humbert Honkus, failed
Affiliations: Norhall
Appearances: First Episode: Norhall 17
Last Episode: Norhall 23
MISC Info:

Valoshay was the Master-at-Arms for Norhall Academy. H served as a test for new recruits, to test their mettle, and see if they were tough enough to earn their place in the school. He was huge, and wore black plate mail armor. He was killed in a fight with Nesma, Jesse of Carlstown, and Big Humbert Honkus after being charmed by the army of Lady Vambrace, and made to fight them.


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