White Dome

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The White Dome was a smaller, less signifiacant version of a White Spire that existed in Fairmire. The then un-named Ätlän-tã Fælcons there sought Avery T'léas, at the suggestion of Zird the Arcane. As this was during the events of the Demon Apocalypse, Avery had constructed a Warding Circle around the White Dome, which disallowed any evil to enter. This was almost not a problem for the Fælcons, until Thom the Dragonborn attempted to bring in his evil sentient sword Blood Drinker. In an act of unmitigated Zird-iness, Zird broke the circle, allowing Blood Drinker to cross over the Warding cirlce and into the building, but also allowing a bunch of evil demons inside. Classic Zird.

It was later recounted to the Fælcons by a devil named Captain Drox that the White Dome had been overrun by demons, and destroyed. Avery T'léeas was presumed dead, and they should go and investigate what happened. They stop by and look for Avery, but can't find her.

Notable Occupants

  • Avery T'léas
  • Quero Martelben - a bard of some renown
  • JoJo Hill - a blacksmith
  • Rosella
  • Smitty McFisterson