Zird the Arcane

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Zird the Arcane
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Alias(es): N/A
Race: Human?
Class: Wizard
Status: Deceased
Cause of Death:
Sacrificed himself to bring about the Fifth Edition of Magic
Affiliations: White Spire
Appearances: First Episode: Episode 86 - The Council of Eight
Last Episode: Episode 126 - Live Show 2015
MISC Info: Tall and lanky with a long white beard and robes, and a misshapen hat

He may or may not have a tattoo of the name "Brandi" on his lower back (the dot on the "i" is a mole). That episode was the second one of the night, and it is colloquially known as "The Drunkest they Ever Got It", and so it is difficult to determine just what the fuck was even going on

According to that same episode, his last name is literally "The Arcane"

His name was lifted from the FATE core rulebook

Zird the Arcane was an eccentric and not too reliable wizard from The White Spire in Pelor's Hope. Got plenty of booty though. He enjoyed honey in his tea and messing with Lord Titus Harper. He was 45 in wizard years, which are like dog years. Zird sacrificed himself by using the Hammer of Sundering on the twis'tar in Episode 126 - Live Show 2015, bringing about the 5th Edition in order to weaken Fennekin. He allegedly killed an ancient red dragon with a single Fireball, despite the fact that Red Dragons are resistant to fire.


As the weirdest member of the White Spire, he was sent as the Arcane representative during a meeting of the Council of Eight, in which the Ätlän-tã Fælcons were in attendance, sometime around the year 1700. The Fælcons were given several quests that they needed to choose from, and Zird was sent to accompany them to fight some gnolls, and get their hands on the Demonomicon. He caused a lot of problems for the adventurers, proving himself to be more of a hindrance than a help. After the death of Steve the Gnoll, Zird did one thing useful, which was creating a magically-constructed submarine, The Belafonte, on which the Fælcons were able to retrieve the Demonomicon, and accidentally trap Steve's consciousness inside Thom the Dragonborn's mind.