Aludra the Dwarf

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Aludra is played by Jennifer Cheek.



Aludra's full name is Aludra Wyrmsbane and she hails from a family of dwarven miners somewhere in the Razortooth Mountains. Aludra always wanted to be an adventurer but her parents forced her into the mining business. On an expedition with her brother Alandar Wyrmsbane they accidentaly broke into The Crypt of Sinu the Red. The entire expedition was slaughtered except for Aludra and she took this chance to run off and be the adventurer she always wanted to be. An undetermined amount of time after this she was picked up in Caer by Thokas and brought to Shadowspar Keep.




Adopted mother of Bucky

Sister of Alandar Wyrmsbane and member of the Wyrmsbane Clan


Aludra has the most luscious beard of all the party characters.

Aludra loves gas station burritos (who doesn't) and keeps them next to her breasts to heat them up.

Aludra's name comes from a character in the "Wheel of Time" book series.