Avery T'léas

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Avery T'léas was the White Spire appointed protector of the White Dome in Fairmire. She helps the then un-named Ätlän-tã Fælcons decipher the Demonomicon as well as come up with the plan for how to destroy the portal to the abyss: by using the Hammer of Sundering. She was last mentioned by a devil named Captain Drox, who told the Fælcons that the White Dome had been destroyed, and that they should investigate why. They stop by and search for her body, but are unable.


  • NPC
  • Race: Elf
  • Class: Wizard, I believe
  • Age: Old
  • Status: Unknown, presumed dead
    • Cause of Death Unknown: White Dome destroyed
  • MISC Info: