Baldur Oakback

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Baldur Oakback
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Alias(es): N/A
Race: Dwarf
Class: Nice guy
Status: Dead
Cause of Death:
Killed with a Nareevian Dagger
Affiliations: House Oakback
Appearances: First Episode: Episode 157 - Storm's A-Brewin'
Last Episode: Episode 157 - Storm's A-Brewin'
MISC Info: Crazy super nice

Average-looking, with two beard-braids

Baldur Oakback was the betrothed of Aludra the Dwarf. He sometimes helped with sick and injured animals. He dearly wanted to become closer to Aludra and Bucky. All around, Baldur was a really nice guy. Too bad he was found murdered the night before his and Aludra's wedding in Episode 164 - Baldergate.

Baldur had a younger brother who was about Bucky's age.