Braenth of Barovia

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Braenth of Barovia
(Fred Greenleaf)
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Alias(es): N/A
Race: Human?
Class: Rogue?
Status: Alive
Cause of Death:
Affiliations: House Wyrmsbane
Appearances: First Episode: Episode 347 - The Gremp
Last Episode: Episode 348 - Dr. Varmus Gremp's Monster
MISC Info: Large

Alabaster white skin, with long black hair, in a ponytail high on his head

Braenth of Barovia was a mysterious figure who pointed The Tower of Grey toward the Cloud Giant causing the spread of The Gremp, Dr. Varmus Gremp. He accompanied them on their mission to capture this Dr. Gremp for their game of Bones. He was known to talk to "himself", though it was later revealed that he was actually talking to his sword, possessed by the spirit of his former swordsmaster, who was killed by the afforementioned giant, and so wanted revenge. It was a whole thing. He ended up demanding the Giant card from Skud Derringer after they caught him, but agreed to instead trade for it one owlbear card, one limited edition white dragon wyrmling card, and one astral dreadnaught card. Pretty good deal, all things being equal.