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*[[Episode 299 - A Crystalline Horror]]
*[[Episode 299 - A Crystalline Horror]]
*[[Episode 340 - The Mansion in the Mountain]]
[[Category: Drunks and Dragons Items]]
[[Category: Drunks and Dragons Items]]

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Toby's Broom of Flying was a magically enchanted broom that could carry up to 400 pounds around in the air (though its speed dropped from its standard 50 ft per turn to 30 ft per turn if it was carrying more than 200 pounds). It required a command word be spoken, and could be sent out, rider-less, within a mile of the speaker, so long as they were familiar with the location.

Recent Events

Toby Treacletart found the Broom along with the rest of his effects in the Impound Room of Grull.

Notable Owners