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Location: Middle of Drunkeros
Contains: The Poxy Wench
Ruler: The Castiglianimorcelloderegeninis - unofficially
Notable Occupants: Jett Razor

The Castiglianimorcelloderegeninis

Status: Intact
Reason for Destruction:
Affiliations: N/A
Appearances: First Episode: Episode 161 - Welcome to Calsten
Last Episode: Episode 250 - The Return of the Raw Fury Games Part 2
MISC Info: Jewel of the West

Calsten was a city on the Eastern coast of the Western continent of Drunkeros, laying to the north of Mastwick. Calsten was a cultural hub with great art and cuisine. The people of Calsten were full of life and gusto. It was also the home to the mafia-like crime family, the Castiglianimorcelloderegeninis. It was also, ALSO, used in the 1709 Raw Fury Games, as a checkpoint the contestants had to make it to, in order to advance.